Talkin’ to the project lead of OpenStack Object Storage

The first code that is available from the OpenStack project, and its available today, is the code for the storage effort, “Object Storage.”  The man at the technical helm of this effort is Will Reese of Rackspace.  Will’s daytime job is development manager and system architect for Rackspace’s Cloud Files, the source of the code for Object Storage.  Will and I grabbed some time at last week’s design summit and he briefed me on the project:

Some of the topics Will tackles:

  • Object Storage is based on the open sourced code from Rackspace’s Cloud Files.
  • What attracted NASA to Cloud Files (think scale).
  • Rackspace will lead the project to get the community kick started but is looking for the community to take over.
  • Storage and Compute will each have their own tech boards made up of members from Rackspace, NASA and the community.
  • In the second half of the interview Will takes us through a quick overview of the cloud files architecture which is written in python, leverages eventlib, and borrows concepts from memcache and some  key-value stores –>  To learn more, check out Will’s talk at OSCON this Wednesday.

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