Taking a Quantum Leap with Flash + Converged Solutions

IDC estimates that in two short years, flash-optimized arrays will be 58% of the overall external enterprise storage systems market. The agile data center requires the increased scalability and performance that flash provides.  That is why all-flash storage is a key focus for EMC, VCE, and our customers.

With continued innovation, VCE expands its product portfolio with the introduction of VMAX All Flash storage arrays in Vblock and VxBlock 740 systems. By providing additional options to customers that are customized to meet evolving business needs and market trends, VCE and EMC can accelerate and drive the shift towards a modern data center.

What is VMAX All FlasVMAX AFAh?

VMAX All Flash is the first-to-market all-flash array to deliver performance, scale, high availability, and advanced data services for all mission-critical applications.  The new array uses high capacity drives to offer high IO density for extreme levels of performance with low latency. And with simple appliance packaging, it is incredibly easy to scale-up and scale-out at a granular level to fit changing requirements.

VMAX All Flash configurations are ideal for customers who require multi-dimensional scale and consolidation, business continuity and disaster recovery for high levels of availability, and mission-critical storage requirements.

What does this mean for VCE Customers?

VCE continues to provide additional options for customers who want to move towards an all-flash, modern data center. Before the launch of VMAX All Flash, VCE customers had a choice between three offerings of hybrid storage VMAX3 in their V(x)Block 740 – 100k, 200k, and 400k. Now, customers can select all-flash configurations with VMAX 450 F/FX and VMAX 850 F/FX.

For V(x)Block customers, the new VMAX All Flash arrays mean greater performance and lower total cost of ownership with fewer drive replacements, less energy, and smaller data center footprints – all delivered in a single all-flash bay. The TCO proposition of VMAX All Flash arrays is extremely compelling. An 800TB configuration with Vblock used to require up to nine bays of traditional VMAX arrays.  With VMAX All Flash, customers can reduce that footprint down to a single bay, lowering TCO by 40%.  In addition, VMAX All Flash will be orderable as a VCE Technology Extension to existing Vblock and VxBlock Systems and VCE Vscale™ Architecture implementations, providing customers with a path to significantly extend the performance and capabilities of their current VCE-enabled data centers.


Finally, with the recent launch of EMC’s first rack-scale flash solution DSSD D5, VCE can continue to innovate and expand its product portfolio by incorporating this dense, shared storage solution into hyper-converged offerings. DSSD D5 is truly revolutionary. It is the ideal solution for data-intensive applications, providing unparalleled performance and flexibility to deliver insight faster and move the business forward.

Where can I find out more?

Read VCE President Chad Sakac’s blog on VMAX All Flash and why customers are moving towards an all-flash datacenter with VMAX as a building block on VCE converged platforms. In addition, read Chad’s take on DSSD D5 and what it means for future VCE hyper-converged products. Visit vce.com and emc.com for more information.

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