Take a video tour of a Dell modular data center

Bing recently chose a Dell modular data center for its maps imagery – just think about the processing, storage and memory power required to handle an entire planet’s worth of satellite, aerial, bird’s eye and street-side images.

Dell’s Barton George recently posted more details, including a YouTube tour of Bing’s 2.5 megawatt-capable site in Longmont, Colo.

On the tour, Ty Schmitt, Dell’s executive director of modular infrastructure, and Mark Bailey, principal architect for modular infrastructure, point out the features of the data center’s modules, including the power and cooling modules. At the 2:08 mark of the video, Schmitt and Bailey guide you through the design of the IT module’s racks, which have no fans other than networking gear that requires it.

“That allows us to remove that burden from each server and apply it to more IT in our module. So effectively what we’re doing is making our modules more power dense and removing elements that decrease efficiency,” Bailey said.

To read more about Bing’s data center, including how it was able to lower power consumption by 80%, check out the case study.

About the Author: Ana Cantu