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In this blog series, we have been exploring why so many global organizations are reoptimizing their infrastructure for what they consider to be their most critical workloads. First we went through the benefits of embracing power and simplicity, as well as the benefits of future-proofing. After that we discussed optimizing your hybrid IT infrastructure from end-to-end, from edge to core, and all the way through our innovative cloud platform. We believe in this story, because we are one of the thousands of organizations who have benefited from these digital transformations. And you too can create new value by optimizing your infrastructure for those most critical workloads with Dell Technologies, and with the right technology, in the right place, for the right outcomes.

How do you enable your IT staff to best support the outcomes that your organization is driving in real-time? As your approach evolves towards continuous, cloud-native app development, enable your staff with more time and resources to support the creation of innovative capabilities that bring strategic differentiation.

IT must respond as your organization’s application developers’ workloads demand – if IT cannot provide the resources required, the innovators within your organization will turn elsewhere. Keep IT relevant to the top business objectives by enabling your app dev teams to work without delay. As Dell Technologies has been leading customers through their digital transformations, what is truly universal is the need for automated tasks and orchestration to make teams more responsive to new requests. Whether or not your organization has embraced this mentality can literally be the difference between opening your organization to new opportunities or falling behind your competitors.

Customers choose Dell EMC PowerOne when they want to enable their IT staff to work responsively and support application development as required. The PowerOne Solution automates infrastructure provisioning, delivering on-demand Cluster Resource Groups (CRGs) of compute, storage and network running the VMware vSphere hypervisor. This automation is enabled through a controller which applies intelligence to provisioning, removing the need to manage resources separately and providing a single API for integration into existing toolsets like ServiceNow, vRealize Automation and Ansible.

If you are not familiar with PowerOne, it begins with a decade of Dell Technologies experience engineering and manufacturing Converged Infrastructure. This all-in-one system brings together compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and data protection into one streamlined system. Providing holistic support, simplified operations and lifecycle management across the entire solution. PowerOne is based on PowerEdge – the industry’s #1 servers from Dell Technologies and supports multiple storage options including Dell EMC PowerMax and Unity XT.

PowerOne automates thousands of manual steps over the life of the system, enabling both Dev/Ops engineers and data center administrators to create, expand and re-purpose workload ready VMware clusters in just a few clicks, freeing IT to be more responsive to demands. And the single system level API further simplifies operations so that IT and application development teams can keep focus on business innovation instead of managing operations across components. With unmatched autonomous provisioning capabilities, PowerOne can transform your IT operations and help accelerate your organization’s journey to modernization in the cloud era.

All of our advanced offerings – including Dell EMC PowerOne –  are available with flexible payment options through Dell Technologies On Demand. And Dell Technologies On Demand also includes value-added services with ProDeploy, ProSupport and Managed Services, which can be paired with all financial consumption models offered. You’ll see that the flexibility we wish to provide your organization extends beyond our technology, including even the financing so that you can meet OPEX and CAPEX demands.

Innovation can either be supported or hindered, and without optimizing your infrastructure there is no avoiding the uncertainty of whether or not you’re best supporting the organization. Our powered-up portfolio will enable your organization to support app dev’s most pressing workloads without delay, and our converged offerings proudly make it even easier. Encourage the creation new value for your organization by transforming IT to align with the outcomes that your organization desires.

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