Stories from Sundance 2019

Every year, the Sundance Film Festival brings thousands of filmmakers from all over the world to Park City, Utah, and gives them the opportunity to share their work and celebrate innovative storytelling.

Dell Technologies was the official technology partner of the festival for the second year running, and we had an incredible time hosting some of today’s hottest creators and experts at the #DellDen on Main Street. We invited leaders from across the industry to join discussions around a broad range of topics, from technical post-production techniques for filmmakers and Next Generation VR projects, to exploring how we can affect positive change for the environment, and spotlighting some of the most innovative work being made by women today. I urge those who couldn’t attend to take a look at all the panel recordings here.

For me, the best part of the festival is meeting the customers who use our tools and seeing their success in real time. From the creative team at Cream VR to the talented portrait photographer Mark Mann, it’s great to see and hear how their work is powered by Dell workstations. These artists and technicians are changing the entertainment industry, and Dell, along with our ISV partners like Adobe, are helping them do it.

Storytelling is impactful work, regardless of whether you’re an indie upstart or an established studio focused on a big budget blockbuster. That’s why we provide a powerful end-to-end portfolio of products and solutions for today’s creators. To help bring ideas to life – on schedule and within budget – it’s important creators get the very best graphics and CPU performance optimized for the applications they are working with, and the best place to get that is on Dell Precision workstations.

Both mobile and fixed Precision workstations are ISV-certified to run professional applications and software extensions, like the Adobe Creative Suite, without worry. So, on set or on-the-go, in the studio or on a cross-country flight, you’re always able to create.

Our workstations are also optimized for VR and AR workflows. Over the past few years, VR has evolved from a buzz term to an industry game changer. We’ve started to see a shift in entertainment towards more interactive, game-like storytelling. To help support these immersive, intuitive creations, we incorporate automatic system tuning and high-performance components, ideal for 3D volumetric capture.

In the endless push for more realism and higher resolution, many filmmakers today are starting to film in 8K. That’s four times, not double, the number of pixels of 4K. When you start doing work with those levels of data, you need higher and higher performing workstations. Additionally, our solutions for shared storage, like our PowerEdge servers, are built to handle massive data loads, while also allowing hundreds of editors and animators to access their work simultaneously in collaborative environments.

As the world’s number 1 monitor brand, Dell’s award-winning monitors are designed to fit every business need and budget. Our current line of Dell UltraSharp monitors are stunningly accurate and offer an expansive color gamut, so what you see is truly what you get. Other visual devices, like the immersive Dell Canvas, allows creators to interact with their work in exciting, intuitive new ways.

Meeting so many dynamic, interesting filmmakers and creators at Sundance 2019 reminded me why I do what I do. Everyone who came through the Dell Den was energized by the new possibilities technology offers and many were working on projects that I can’t wait to experience. Our goal is to provide powerful, reliable technology solutions so that creators can focus on their art, realize their vision and share their creations with the world.

Don’t forget that you can check out most recordings of the #DellDen panels from Sundance online. Click here for more information about Dell’s solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry.

Tom Tobul

About the Author: Tom Tobul