Storage Solutions for OEMs: Dell’s Compellent and EqualLogic Products

Earlier this month I blogged about the benefits of Dell acquiring Compellent and growing our storage portfolio this week, today I want to expand on this discussion by addressing how to start evaluating Dell’s EqualLogic and Compellent products for your OEM solution.

When does EqualLogic make sense for OEMs?

EqualLogic is about ease of installation and operation – “buy-it and forget-it”. EqualLogic storage is built to provide the right balance of storage capacity, bandwidth, and performance with each storage array you purchase. The automatic storage management self-optimizes and works together with other EqualLogic peer arrays to maximize the best utilization of your storage. For most IT applications this is perfect, especially when you have installation sites that have limited or no IT skills managing your storage.  In this situation you can allow it to self-manages or you can manage it remotely.

When does Compellent make sense for OEMs?

Compellent products are designed to let OEMs build storage systems from the mid-range to enterprise levels with the latest in advanced automatic storage management making it easier to perform many critical tasks that would normally require additional software (read as more cost for your product).  Many features are included with the Compellent SAN system. If your application requires unique or special configurations of your storage, the Compellent SAN products provides a finer level of adjustment to tune your SAN for your specific applications.

In Summary…

Both Compellent and EqualLogic products share core values of true virtualized storage; built-in automation, simplified management, seamless scalability (no fork-lift upgrades), hypervisor, application integration, advanced data protection, and exceptional TCO. It really comes down to your specific needs and that’s where Dell OEM Solutions’ experienced consultants can help. We can provide guidance on your storage solution and also help you integrate your servers, and switch. Additional services and support are available to address your unique OEM business requirements.

Let’s continue the discussion on your storage product selection and needs in the comments section below or contact our storage reps.

About the Author: Ray Stahl