Storage Automation Done Right: Introducing ViPR Controller v3.0

ViPR Controller 3.0 is out, and it’s a storage automation powerhouse. This release is a testament to our original ViPR vision for Software Defined Storage, as well as the power of community-driven, open source innovation. It now features application grouping, easier orchestration, and supports more storage platforms than ever, all while continuing to be a reliable, enterprise-class storage automation platform.

Customers are seeing great success with ViPR Controller. Watch how Haufe Lexware saved 25% in OPEX in the first six months.

Businesses are trying to accomplish many of the same things they have for years – reducing their CAPEX and OPEX costs, increasing efficiency, and increasing organizational agility. So what’s different now? Organizations must contend with flat headcount, staggering data growth (44 Zeta Bytes by 2020 according to IDC) driven by mobile apps, the Internet of Things and greater demand for business analytics, while being asked to improve the speed and efficiency, deliver storage services and empower consumers through self-service access to IT resources.

EMC ViPR Controller, along with its open source companion, CoprHD, provides storage automation that centralizes and transforms multivendor storage into a simple and extensible platform. It abstracts and pools resources to deliver automated, policy-driven, storage as-a-service on demand through a self-service catalog across a multi-vendor environment. The 3.0 release has many innovative features that extend ViPR Controller’s value as a simple, extensible and enterprise-grade platform.

  • Simple: ViPR Controller helps organizations reduce costs with automation and centralized management of provisioning and reclamation tasks. In the 3.0 release, we have added application centric-workflows for application management without the need to understand the underlying arrays. This enhancement associates all aspects of an application, LUNs, snapshots and automates these tasks to reduce errors and improve time to value.
  • Extensible: At present, integrating support for new storage arrays requires deep knowledge of ViPR Controller. With the new Southbound Software development Kit (SDK) in the 3.0 release, you can now add support for all of your storage systems. The SDK gives you the freedom to develop at your own pace and offers flexibility to partners and platform vendors to add support for their arrays extending product coverage.
  • Enterprise-Grade: With ViPR Controller 3.0 Application Programming interface (API) you can eliminate single points of failure to ensure you are always meeting your SLAs. This new design adds a self-contained platform agnostic data replication that is configurable up to two standby sites for High Availability.


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About the Author: Vikram Bhambri