“Stacker” Mark Collier gives an OpenStack update

A group of “stackers” (Rackspace employees involved in OpenStack) paid us a visit today here at Dell.  During a break in the meetings I got some time with Mark Collier, VP of Marketing and Business development at Rackspace who has been focused on building up OpenStack.  I chatted with Mark about what’s been going on in this open source cloud project and what’s coming up.  Take a listen:

Some of the ground Mark covers

  • What his involvement in OpenStack has been over the last year.
  • [0:58]  What Rackspace is doing to preserve the openness of the community and how they use the “blueprint” process.
  • [2:32]  What brought Mark and his colleagues to Dell
  • [4:06]  What’s coming up in the project’s next release “Bexar,” which is due next Thursday (Feb 3) e.g. IPv6 support provided by NTT engineers and “Glance” an image registry service similar to Amazon’s AMIs.  The key message is, with this release OpenStack is ready to deploy.
  • OpenStack meet-up in Santa Clara on Feb 3, where Dell software architect Rob Hirschfeld will be talking about our experience/learnings deploying OpenStack in our lab.

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