Speed private cloud adoption with Dell AIM

Many IT organizations have adopted server virtualization and are considering a transition to private cloud environments to improve the utilization and flexibility of IT resources while reducing expenses. A successful transition depends not only on their ability to effectively streamline management and improve application performance, but also on their ability to manage and contain licensing and support costs.

Dell addresses the challenges our customers face with solutions that look at an environment’s end-to-end and leverages people’s expertise, infrastructure, applications and services effectively to create a dynamic IT environment that helps organizations keep up the pace to:

  • Achieve more with dynamic end-to-end management, helping customers respond quickly and improve productivity
  • Delivering results faster with rapid delivery and deployment through an agile infrastructure that is easy to use
  • Maximize efficiency by making sure their resources are focused on the value added activities the business demands

One of these solutions is Dell’s  Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM), a software product designed to streamlines management of heterogeneous IT environments of hypervisors, servers, storage and network as well as the mix of virtual and physical machines to help customers to achieve more, shorten time-to-market and operate efficiently by creating an agile and resilient IT environment. With Dell AIM, customers can change the workload running on their servers (p or v), and its connectivity to the network and storage within the span of a reboot.

Dell AIM includes Web services APIs that enable custom extensibility and integration to other management software solutions. For instance, the integration between AIM and Microsoft System Center leverages these APIs to combine the workflow automation capabilities offered by System Center and the data center management capabilities of AIM. With this integrated solution System Center administrators can build complex workflows that include tasks to be executed by various System Center components like SCOM and SCVMM as well as Dell AIM.

I invite you to learn more about how this unified tool set integrating Dell™ Advanced Infrastructure Manager and Microsoft® System Center speeds private cloud adoption in this article.

About the Author: Consuelo Ortiz