Special Edition OEM Appliances Webinar – now available!

In response to extensive customer conversations, Dell OEM has learned there is a keen interest in improving many aspects of their product development processes. Understanding these customer needs and providing the best solutions and services to meet them is priority one for Dell OEM.

For some, defining the problems can be almost as challenging as arriving at the best solutions. To increase understanding we developed an Appliance Solutions webinar that explains the hardware-appliance/network -device market, addressing several commonly-asked questions including:

  1. Do you spend too much time doing development, testing & certification on standard compute or storage platforms?
  2. Does your company have limited time or money for product innovation because so much time is being spent on execution?
  3. Is your company looking for a simplified path to globalisation?

Delivered by Dell OEM Global Technology Evangelist, Franklin Flint, the Webinar shares technical and trend information on appliances and the industry as whole.

This Webinar answers the questions above, explains what Dell OEM does within Dell and learn how companies like Google and Websense maximised their market opportunity and increased innovation with Dell OEM.  

And, while this was developed by Dell OEM’s EMEA team, there’s plenty of great information for everyone interested in the OEM appliance market, no matter where you are.

To view the Webinar, simply click the country links below:

And, once you’ve had the chance to view the Webinar, tell us what you thought about the content and what content you’d like to see in the future.

About the Author: Joelle Coghlan