Some Time with Michael Cote from the Software Team

I just saw this video interview of ex-Redmonk analyst Michael Cote in a blog post from Barton George. Michael recently joined Dell’s corporate strategy software group from Red Monk where he was an analyst. I’ve blogged about Dell’s ongoing transition from a hardware company to solutions provider a couple of times now, and it’s clear that software will continue to play an integral role in the kinds of solutions we’ll be able to offer our customers now and in the future. 

Though Michael’s new to Dell as a company, he brings some good perspective to the team and I thought some of you would be interested to hear his thoughts.

As Barton mentioned, this Michael is actually the second Michael Cote in the company. The other one is the CEO of SecureWorks, the company Dell acquired in January earlier this year. 

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca