SolarWinds – simplifying global data management

solarwindslogo How many times, when driving in your own familiar city, do you pass a building or see a company logo, and wonder what they do but just keep going? Many companies call Austin their HQ, including SolarWinds. I’ve passed their office many times but had no clue what they did until I had the opportunity to work with them on a case study. They are the makers of networking management software and network monitoring that are used by over one million engineers worldwide to manage the IT environments that are managing tens of thousands of devices. For SolarWinds, protecting company data is a key element in managing and ultimately expanding their business.

They were at a crossroads and needed to ensure their data was being properly backed up. David Mills, IT director at SolarWinds said, “We cannot afford to lose data for any reason.” With managing a global company and several offices across the world there were varying backup implementations used the company and it was becoming a challenge and time consuming to recover data.

SolarWinds decided to implement the PowerVault Back up to Disk Appliance, powered by CommVault, to provide a backup standard that would simplify the process and ensure fast recovery of data. The IT team also added the Dell PowerVault 124T tape autoloaders for long term data storage. Mills and his team implemented an entire backup strategy that works across the globe protecting their virtual environment, application data and the software development while giving the team the flexibility and simplicity of managing from a single console. “The DL2000 interface provides a single administrative view of all our computer groups – we can manage our systems in Austin and those in New Zealand all from a single interface,” said Mills. Read how this solution is reducing backup time by 50% and decreasing the amount of needed storage capacity by 75%.

Next time I’m driving through Austin and see the SolarWinds building, I’ll know exactly what they do!

About the Author: Kristin Storer

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