Software-Defined Data Centers Demand a New Data Protection Approach

EMC’s position as the world’s largest data protection company is anything but happenstance.  It is grounded in a thirst and ability to constantly disrupt and redefine ourselves in the pursuit of optimizing customer value.  EMC has run this play over and over. It’s a process of reinvention that’s based on a clear vision of what customers need to succeed.

Today is no exception. EMC is announcing a broad set of new solution releases that build on the groundwork laid by the Protection Storage Architecture, and redefine what data protection needs to be in an increasingly software-defined IT world.

With these solutions come several industry firsts, including:

  • The first standard backup API for VMware cloud providers with integration via vCloud REST API extensions
  • The only NAS snapshot management solution offering bi-directional catalog awareness for backup and storage admins.
  • The Industry’s only enterprise application-integrated data protection, which empowers application admins to protect their own environments and includes support for Oracle, SAP solutions, the SAP HANA platform,  IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The first virtual appliance implementation of a multi-site storage virtualization solution.
  • The first – and only – solution delivering three-site continuous availability, disaster recovery and operational recovery topology.

You can get a deeper dive on some these new products and industry firsts by checking out the videos at the end of this post.  However, to better understand EMC’s vision for redefining data protection in a software-defined world, it’s best to start with three of the key requirements for effectively protecting software-defined data centers:

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In order to transition effectively to software-defined data centers, customers need solutions that facilitate data protection-as-a-service – based on rich virtualization support, multi-tenancy, and native management, supported in private, hybrid, and public clouds.

In addition, data owners increasingly need visibility and control of their own data protection – and they want to do it from familiar interfaces.  Helping customers with this breaks down silos, and brings efficiencies needed for this new environment.

And, finally, customers require solutions that span the data protection continuum, with tiered recovery options from high availability, thru backup recovery and archiving.

By expanding our portfolio to include availability and mobility with VPLEX and RecoverPoint, EMC is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that span the data protection continuum from continuous availability to backup and recovery, to long-term retention and archive.

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EMC has updated its data protection portfolio, including new versions of Avamar, NetWorker, Mozy, Data Domain operating system, VPLEX and RecoverPoint.  Each has been tuned to support the necessary tenets for data protection in a software-defined world.

EMC’s clear vision, time-tested strategy and continued innovation in data protection ensure that customers can move confidently into a software-defined world and ultimately to the 3rd platform.

Come see these exciting new products and more at EMC World.


1. See how Snapshot Management functionality introduced in EMC NetWorker 8.2 can help address your NAS System Data Protection Needs.

2. Learn how EMC Avamar is extending vCloud Director’s capabilities and programmable APIs to enable easy provisioning of backup and recovery resources for multi-tenant cloud environments.

3. Walk through the capabilities of EMC Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications.

4. Redefining Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery with EMC VPLEX MetroPoint Topology

About the Author: Deepak Mohan