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EMC’s Social Support Program strives to position EMC as a leader in world-class self-service by delivering engaging support-related content through multi-channel, multi-lingual social media. The Customer Service Innovation Team manages two social media spaces entirely dedicated to providing Social Support to our customers and partners:

  • @EMCsupport on Twitter

    Follow us at to receive daily helpful tips, videos, expert advice and Support Community discussions on all EMC products. Participate in Ask the Expert tweet chat events and hot support-related programs, like EMC Elect. Available in English worldwide.
  • EMC Support on Sina Weibo

    Follow us at for the latest activities in the Chinese Support Community. With over 9,000 Followers and growing, Weibo provides helpful videos, support-related incentive programs and Ask the Expert events. Available in Chinese worldwide.

SS @ EMC.jpgBy connecting our customers with the latest in EMC product information and of-the-moment technical expertise, we can guide and direct you toward valuable online resources that provide best practices and help resolve issues. Here are just a few of the highlights you can expect to find by tuning in to and following our Social Support networks on Twitter and Weibo:

  • The most relevant, top-rated and current product discussions from the ECN Support Community
  • Notifications of Support Site downtime, maintenance and upgrades
  • New product videos featuring how-to’s and troubleshooting tips
  • Handy online resources and tools, including recommended links to visit and save to your Favorites
  • What’s new in support mobility and product training

In addition, we share up and coming Ask the Expert tweet chats and virtual events hosted on the Support Community. These targeted technical discussions connect you with experts on the products YOU care about most, giving you the chance to get your specific questions answered in a real-time virtual environment. EMC Elect is another key, community-driven recognition program that you can learn about through our Social Support network.

By following us on Twitter and Weibo, you can get the latest in support-related news, programs, events and advice anytime, anywhere – right from your mobile device.

Have a question? Tweet us @EMCsupport and we’ll find the answer. We also want your feedback, so if you have a specific request about the type of updates you’d like to see on our Twitter feed, let us know at

Holly Anderson

Principal Program Manager, Social Media & Community Strategy

CS Innovation

Holly Anderson

About the Author: Holly Anderson

Holly Anderson is an award-winning, multi-platform communications expert with 20 years’ experience leading corporate communications and social media strategy for global online marketing and support.