Singing the Praises of the PowerEdge R815

For those that have been out of the loop or have been spending too much time in the server room, the Dell PowerEdge AMD portfolio has been growing, as well as its recognition. In May, we launched the PowerEdge R815, our first AMD 11th Generation PowerEdge server.  And, the praise and accolades from reviewers has been tremendous, calling out key features such as 48 processor core scalability in a 2U form factor, robust memory footprint, dual internal SD module for fail-safe virtualization as well as our embedded management capabilities.

We wanted to share a brief summary of just a few of the stellar comments this platform has received so far!

The results below speak for themselves.

  • IT PRO gave us a strong "Recommended" review and praised the PowerEdge R815 for being "the the first 4-socket Opteron 6100 server to market ….setting a high standard for the rest to follow."
  • PC Pro also "Recommended" the PowerEdge R815 stating that "The high volume four-socket (4P) rack server space is without doubt the sweet spot for AMD's latest Opteron 6100 processors, and Dell takes the honours for delivering the very first example – the PowerEdge R815. Quad-socket applications are where it really scores, and Dell's aggressive pricing for the PowerEdge R815 makes this a reality for SMBs looking to move up to 4P servers and get more processing density out of their rack cabinets."
  • Anandtech was clearly impressed with the PowerEdge R815 highlighting the following product attributes: "With 80% higher DIMM counts and 80% to 85% higher throughput, the Dell PowerEdge R815 surpasses the rival HP DL380 G7 by a large margin, while at the same time costing only 20-30% more and needing just as much rack space. That is amazing value."

And if you are still not convinced, you can read more about the customer-inspired design and feature set of the PowerEdge R815 in the latest Power Solutions magazine.

Or feel free to check out one of the many PowerEdge R815 blog postings.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback and look forward to hearing from you soon.

About the Author: Brook Lester