Simplifying Customers’ Lives with EMC MyService360

From taking charge of healthcare choices to customizing product purchases, today’s consumers are increasingly using self-service, social, and mobile digital capabilities. EMC’s new MyService360 now brings that same personalized, proactive service to our Online Support customers.

Powered by EMC data lake solution, MyService360 (launched at EMC World 2016 on May 2) gives EMC Support customers easier and faster access to real-time information at their fingertips. Using its easy-to-read visual and powerful analytics, customers can view analysis of code levels, health, and risk scoring on their installed EMC products, service activity views by site, incident management, and more.

emc-data lake-architecture

And perhaps most importantly, customers can customize and personalize what they see and how they see it using MyService360.

The goal of this new capability and of EMC’s ongoing services transformation is clearly focused: We want to simplify our customers’ lives and improve their digital experience with EMC.

MyService360 is a key step in our journey to transform from being product-centric to solution- and customer-centric. Leveraging our powerful technologies—including Pivotal Big Data Suite, Isilon, and VCE VxRack—customers get seamless access to more information. With this new transparency, they can transform their internal operations to be more proactive and predictive.

For example, MyService360’s health assessment lets users see the status of their various installed products. Is their VMAX due for an upgrade? Have there been any technical or security advisories on it? How much of their overall install base is up to code?

In the past, customers would have gotten a blast email from EMC noting that a new software upgrade is available for a product. MyService360 makes such upgrades more real and relevant and gives control back to the customer.

MyService360 is available free to all EMC customers who are registered with EMC Online Support.

EMC will be adding new capabilities to our MyService360 service going forward as we continue to help customers unlock more value from their assets. A future focus will be on providing more predictive and proactive information on their EMC environment. For instance, we plan to provide added analysis that will enable customers to know when their EMC products are predicted to run out of capacity, as well as offering options on how they want needed upgrades to be addressed.

MyService360 represents the culmination of EMC’s ongoing pioneering efforts to develop groundbreaking personalized and customized enterprise information. We are proving how our technology can help our customers transform their own journey.

Our goal with MyService360 is to give customers all the information they need to make the right choices.

About the Author: Ramesh Razdan