Simplify Data Protection for Virtual Machines – VMware-Aware Snapshotting for EqualLogic

Making the move to a virtualized environment has many implications – particularly for your storage. For example, this conversion from physical to virtual has changed the traditional thinking on data protection. Now instead of protecting many disparate physical servers, you're protecting hundreds of virtual ones.  By putting more eggs in few baskets, new, innovative tools are needed to achieve rock solid data protection.  

The idea is to help offload as much of the data protection off the hypervisor layer and onto the SAN, to provide integrated and highly automated data protection. Yesterday we talked about the EqualLogic PS5500E. As part of that, we mentioned an important new feature for all EqualLogic iSCSI SANs (not just the 5500E)named Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition (ASM/VE). Nice acronym, no? BTW – like all enhancements to EqualLogic software capabilities this is available for via free download for those with active support contracts.

ASM/VE is all about simplifying virtual data protection – allowing for automated, integrated and scalable protection for virtual machines.  ASM/VE is directly integrated with VMware API’s for fast online backup and quick restores of Virtual Machines. ASM/VMware Edition ensures fast and reliable recovery by automating local SAN-based protection through integration with VMware Infrastructure.   

Click here to see a short 5 Min Demo of Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition

ASM/VE combines the benefits of VM and SAN hardware-based snapshots resulting in optimal infrastructure performance and protection. When used with the comprehensive suite of integrated VMware data protection and disaster recovery features, Dell EqualLogic PS Series users can secure their virtual Infrastructure at the application, virtual server, and data center levels for uncompromising business continuance.

We'd like to invite you to a Live Product Demonstration of ASM/VE on Friday, September 12thClick here to Register

And if you're totally busy, we’ve created several online, self-paced seminars on both “Comprehensive Data Protection/Disaster RecoveryandAuto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition” for your viewing pleasure.

About the Author: David Graves