Simplify and Save – Down to the Chip Level

There have been several recent posts in this blog about the new viability of blade servers for virtualization.

Dell believes that virtualization should be simple, so we’ve designed our systems from the ground up for virtualization performance. We specifically designed our PowerEdge servers to take advantage of the virtualization features AMD has built into its chips, like the new Quad Core AMD Opteron processor, code-named Shanghai. That close collaboration has paid off with record-breaking virtualization performance for the PowerEdge R905, R805, M905 and M805, plus a design that simplifies virtualization for our customers. Check out our VMmark Scores – PowerEdge with AMD holds no. 1 spots for two- and four-socket systems!

The point is, “Simplify and Save” isn’t just a slogan here at Dell. We’re deeply involved with technology – down to the chip level – to make it a reality.

Here’s a link where you can find more information on our new PowerEdge servers and blades. You can check out details on AMD’s new processor here.

About the Author: Sally Stevens