Simple Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Dell EMC IT Investment

Did you know that the average cost of an unplanned data center outage is $740,357 and may be as high as $2.4M? (Ponemon, 2016).   Additionally, the average security data breach costs $3.62 million (Ponemon, Whitmore, 2017).  For most companies, those could be a significant hit to your IT budget! Not to mention the setbacks to any transformation initiatives that might happen because you have to divert your resources in order to get back up and running or resolve a security issue.

So how do you mitigate the potential risk of an outage or security breach? Monitor your systems and stay informed of any potential impacts. Seems rather simple, but with the increasing complexity of IT environments, it can be challenging.

At Dell EMC, we are committed to helping you connect with the right expertise, resources, and tools to maximize the value of your IT investment. We recommend these simple steps to help ensure that you are taking advantage of the many support capabilities available.

Product Technical and Security Advisories

One of the most impactful tools we offer are Product Advisory Alerts. These email alerts are proactive notifications that help you stay informed of critical issues and avoid potential impact to your environment.

  • Dell EMC Technical Advisories (DTAs – formerly known as “ETAs”) – Knowledgebase solutions to address product-specific issues that may cause a significant negative impact or risk to a production environment.
  • Dell EMC Security Advisories (DSAs – formerly known as “ESAs”) – Knowledgebase solutions to address product-specific security vulnerabilities and risks to a production environment.

Wait! Why aren’t I receiving these already? To receive email alerts for your advisories, set up your ‘Subscription & Alerts’ preferences by following the four steps below!

  1. Sign in to your Dell EMC Online Support account and select ‘Preferences’.DTA DSA blog image 1.jpg
  2. Go to ‘Subscriptions and Alerts’ and select ‘Product Advisories’.DTA DSA blog image 2.jpg

    DTA DSA blog image 3.jpg

  3. Search for and select products to subscribe to alerts.DTA DSA blog image 4.jpg

    We strongly recommended that you select specific products and not ‘All EMC Products’.

  4. Select the corresponding check box to receive Technical Advisories, Security Advisories, or both.DTA DSA blog image 5.jpg

    We recommend selecting both Technical and Security Advisories.

That’s it! You’ll receive an email alert if a new advisory becomes available. And when you add new Dell EMC products to your environment, don’t forget to add them to your Product Advisory Alert subscriptions.

Where to see Technical and Security Advisories

In addition to email alerts, you can also easily find advisories using the following options:

  • Go to SolVe Online at  Select one of the product procedure generators, and the first menu item will show advisories for the product.DTA DSA blog image 6.jpg
  • Go to Dell EMC Online Support at and visit any of the “Support by Product” pages.  You’ll see recent advisories (and your subscription status) on the left side of the page.  Or you can click on “Advisories”.DTA DSA blog image 7.jpg
  • Search for advisories in Dell EMC Online Support.  For example, search for “DTA Avamar”


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