Sharing Best Practice: The European Patent Office Simplifies and Saves with Dell

Last year alone The European Patent Office (EPO) granted over 54,000 patents, with many of those originating with applications filed online. These figures show how important issues, such as eGovernment, are critical to increasing efficiency and customer experience for the Public Sector. I am delighted to say that the EPO is working with Dell to accomplish what many Public Sector organisations desire — the ability to provide faster and smoother services to the community and improve employee productivity across multiple offices. This is a great best practice example from the EPO.

EPO We are really excited to be taking this project on board as they have made the decision to simplify their IT infrastructure for the benefit of their employees, the environment and European citizens. There are three main areas that other organisations can learn from.

Firstly, I think it is important to highlight that the EPO, like many public sector IT departments are forced to accomplish a lot with only limited budget and so are forced to reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructures, reduce IT costs, and increase the efficiency of the organization.

Secondly, improved productivity is imperative as public business is facing entirely new challenges worldwide due to globalization and demography.

And thirdly, the problem of IT complexity also affects the public sector. Homogeneous IT landscapes have been more the exception than the rule here. After 20 years of computing, vast hardware and software zoos have accumulated in organizations, which can negatively affect administration and accountability. Working with Dell, the EPO will benefit from Dell’s Simplify and Save ethos, which is a great way to achieve the productivity  and simplicity necessary to pull through these new challenges and become more productive, more effective and ultimately, more successful.

To help manage their IT infrastructure better, Dell will provide Managed Desktop Services for the EPO’s installed base of approximately 9,500 desktops, laptops and personal printers. Dell will be replacing existing PCs with Dell OptiPlex 755 desktops and over 1,000 Dell Latitude E-Series notebooks will be deployed at the EPO’s offices in Munich, Berlin, Vienna and The Hague by the end of this year. The EPO will also benefit from Dell's Custom Factory Integration (CFI) service to suit the EPO’s exact requirements and all new machines will also have the latest Energy Smart configurations and power management settings.

The Custom Factory Integration will result in significant time savings in delivering and deploying new equipment and the Energy Smart configurations will reduce noise and energy consumption levels.  As part of its green IT strategy, Dell will recycle the EPO’s old computers and has provided the EPO with a small tree as a symbol of its promise to plant a tree for every Dell system deployed to the EPO. Not only will this help them meet their own environmental goals and guidelines easily, the deal will also help the EPO achieve its main goal of improving the level of service it provides to European citizens with quality and efficiency.

About the Author: Alain Bandle