Shaking “IT” Up

Cocktail Shaker

In the event that you find yourself propping up a bar after a long, arduous day, you may have certain expectations of the service to be provided. Fast comes to mind, as does friendly, interactive, personalized and, ultimately, satisfying in the form of a well-crafted quality beverage. Ahhhhhh, that’s better!

When it comes to serving IT customers, today’s IT “bartender” is faced with some challenging orders. Patrons are too busy and don’t have time to wait. Or they’re on the move and are willing to forego the personal touch for a faster self-service solution. Orders for the “classic cocktail” are being replaced by demand for a custom blend of specialty ingredients.

So what is the recipe for meeting today’s technology needs and tomorrow’s technology wishes? In the world of artisan cocktails and IT services, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so how do you select the perfect blend of ingredients to satisfy every taste?

Meet the professional mixologist. He/she is a maestro in the art and craft of mixing. An expert in the classics and a student of the new and exotic, he pushes the limits of the classic cocktail by experimenting with new ingredients and new combinations. The result is a product that is both crowd-pleasing and profitable for the business.

On a side note, my husband is a practicing mixologist (note the term “practice”) and likes to tempt me with subtle and not so subtle executions of his latest concoction. The results range from “wow” to “not now” and the perfect blend is still in the making.

I like to think of today’s IT professional as a technology mixologist. He needs to have intimate knowledge of his ingredients and know exactly what role each plays in an IT strategy or service. He needs to know how much to use, what it’s going to cost, how one interacts with another, how to store and protect the individual components, and the best way to guarantee a satisfied customer and a successful business outcome.

So what are the ingredients for a 100 proof data protection solution for today’s IT customer?

  • A full bar – breadth of technology and resources
  • Full service – coverage of data across applications, platforms and locations
  • Open all hours – provision for all service levels – from continuous availability to replication, snapshots, backup and archive
  • Self-service – optional levels of data protection delivered as a service
  • Customer-focused – delivering maximum business benefits based on customer needs
  • Progressive – deploying disruptive technologies to reduce cost and complexity
  • Shaken not stirred – tighter integration with data sources and tools

This robust blend will ensure that your data protection strategy is not on the rocks. See you at the bar … or maybe the pub!

About the Author: Lesley MacDonald