The Services Delivery Manager: Your Single Point of Contact for PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS)

Digital Transformation is progressing at an amazing pace, bringing companies new ways to reach and connect with their customers, partners and employees. These new capabilities are generating revenue, and in some cases, opening up new markets for companies in almost every business sector.

However, these “opportunities” require huge commitments from the IT organization in terms of time, labor and dollars and result in more complex environments, projects and technological challenges without increased staff to address them. Something has to give.

That something, very often, is the care and feeding of a company’s PC assets. PC refresh projects are pushed to the back burner and lifecycles get extended to avoid the time, cost and resource requirements to manage, migrate and replace those assets.

Enter Dell PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS).This solution simplifies the PC lifecycle from end to end, alleviating a majority of the lifting customers have traditionally done on their own.

I’m excited to share background about one of the crucial components to that simplification, the Services Delivery Manager or SDM, the customer’s single point of contact for everything PCaaS. A SDM is assigned to every account and responsible for all phases of the PC Lifecycle – from planning through deployment, support and asset recovery.

PCaaS: Phases of PC Lifecyle
PCaaS: Phases of PC Lifecyle

The journey starts with a SDM led joint organization review focused on roles and responsibilities followed by a review of the Services Delivery framework including the scope of services and associated program timelines, risks and success criteria. The SDM will be intimately involved with the sales, deployment and technical support teams ensuring that they have a complete view of the customer’s journey and will provide timely updates on the account status and timelines in addition to reporting and being directly available to the customer throughout the lifecycle.

PC Lifecycle Planning – The SDM helps the customer determine the best imaging and deployment strategy and methods to accommodate their objectives. The SDM will also take into consideration any flexible options the customer may have elected including flexing up or down the number of systems and/or upgrading PCs mid-term.

Deployment – Working in concert with the Dell Deployment Engagement Manager or Dell Project Manager, the SDM will assist with the refresh schedule, ensuring the customer is ready for deployment and provide status on deployment activity.

Support – There will also be a tag team for support with a focus on great customer experiences. The SDM will work with the existing Technical Services Manager who will be focused on each individual support issue or escalation while the SDM will be looking at these events from the perspective of the entire organization across the complete lifecycle.

Asset Recovery / PC Refresh – As the assets near the end of term, the SDM will begin working with the customer six months prior to specifically identify each asset to be refreshed, develop a plan and timeline for getting them transitioned out and the user refreshed with a new PC. The SDM will focus on leveraging Dell’s tools and expertise to reduce or eliminate user disruption during the refresh process.

Dell wraps this up with a global presence, language preference and the ability to meet onsite, all supported and backed by an award-winning Services team.

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About the Author: Shawn Jagodzinski

Shawn Jagodzinski joined Dell in 2000 and serves as a Senior Director of Product Management for Dell Technologies Services supporting Commercial Client Managed Services. Shawn’s prior Dell experiences includes leading Global Service Delivery Management, Global Channel Strategy, Global Custom Solution Intake & Design, Global Field Services for Data Center Solutions, managing Global Field Services for a large outsourcing contract, as well as managing the Americas Retail & Specialty Deployment team. Prior to Dell, Shawn held roles in quality, operations management, and customer service within the high-tech industry. He has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas–Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Iowa.