Senior Executives Explain What Sets PowerEdge Technology Apart

See which words top Dell EMC executives choose to describe the latest PowerEdge servers…

In the first of two blogs based on our On the Road series of video interviews with top executives, we introduce their thoughts on why the no-compromise servers in the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio are arguably the best possible choice for your customers.

Across a series of six short and very accessible videos, they give an overview of what it is that sets pioneering PowerEdge technology apart. Learn how these best-selling servers are built from the ground up without compromise to drive and enable IT transformation.

Close collaboration between Dell EMC and Intel®

On the road with Ferhad Patel

Ferhad Patel is Director of Business Development at Intel – and Dell EMC is Intel’s largest partner in the enterprise space. Watch this video to learn more about the close collaboration between Intel and Dell EMC and how the Xeon® Scalable Processor platform that features in the latest PowerEdge servers is Intel’s biggest launch in a decade.

“Our collaboration spans decades,” he says, of what he describes as an exciting, best-of-breed partnership. “When we launch new products, we’re there with Dell and we do all the validation before we do the launch. We have engineers at their site before launch, and vice versa.

Ferhad explains that the close collaboration between Dell EMC and Intel delivers a win:win combination of 65% performance improvements over the previous processor and also enables customers to achieve greater performance capabilities with fewer servers.

For Ferhad, PowerEdge in a word is: “Industry-leading”

> Watch the video now (2:38 length) to learn more about the enhanced agility, performance and security.

Comprehensive rack and tower choices

On the road with Claude Lavigne

Dell EMC’s Director of Product Development, Claude Lavigne, is a specialist in rack and tower servers. He explains that the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge configurations offer simple scalability, enhanced performance and easy, but advanced, system management.

You can watch this interview to get a quick overview of the comprehensive choice of rack and tower server solutions within the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio – everything from high-performance 4-socket solutions to entry-level tower servers – and their suitability for different target customers.

Plus, you’ll learn how being built from the ground up without compromise enables PowerEdge servers to deliver the difference for organizations of all sizes.

How does Claude describe PowerEdge in a word? “Number One”

> View the interview here (3:10 length) to see why Claude recommends PowerEdge for your customers.

Innovative modular server solutions

On the road with David K Nguyen

Typical customers for modular servers are those looking for a combination of three things: the highest computing processing power for their workloads, to simplify the scale-out environment and to also save data center space.

Watch this ‘on the move’ interview with David K Nguyen, Director of Servers, Product Management at Dell EMC to discover why he believes that innovative Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are far more advanced than competitor options.

For David, PowerEdge is simply: “All-Inspiring”

> See what David says (3:26 length) about trusted partnership, world-class support and reliable products.

Enabling easier system management

On the road with Kevin Noreen

Kevin Noreen is Senior Director, Product Management at Dell EMC. He compares the advancements in the system management associated with the latest PowerEdge technology to a self-driving car, in terms of the efficiencies that can be achieved in the data center.

Check out this video to learn how the systems management software in the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio automates tasks across the entire IT lifecycle, resulting in outstanding operational efficiency – and how OpenManage Mobile capabilities are revolutionizing systems management.

You could now be able to complete a typical 4-hour IT service for a customer in just 30 seconds…

According to Kevin, PowerEdge is simply: “Superior”

> Watch the video now (5:13 length) to find out how easier system management is saving everyone time.

Optimally enhanced productivity and security

On the road with Enrico Bracalente

In the words of Director of Product Manager, Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions, Enrico Bracalente, new PowerEdge is a “wonderful machine and state-of-the-art product”.

He explains that the positive reaction of the technical press to the latest PowerEdge servers simply reflects the “exciting” and “unique” reports and opinions from customers themselves.

Increased automation and performance, plus enhanced security that’s built into every aspect of the server infrastructure from the ground up is proving to be a massive hit.

Learn how fully integrated security improvements and innovative systems management software within the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio is making daily life for IT/Infrastructure Managers a little easier – at the same time as increasing productivity, reliability and cost-effectiveness for customers.

How does Enrico describe PowerEdge in a word? “Superlative”

> View the interview here (4:10 length) to learn why Enrico is so proud of new PowerEdge servers

Seize the PowerEdge advantage for your business

Channel Partners Video

Finally, let’s hear from Dell EMC executives John Byrne, Brian Payne and Cheryl Cook about the PowerEdge value proposition for the channel.

In this short video, they explain how combining the industry’s #1 server products with the compelling Partner Program represents a fantastic opportunity for your business…

> Transform your business with PowerEdge (2:06 length)

Get up to speed with the wide-ranging benefits of the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.  Access all of these short videos and more on your Partner Portal

About the Author: Anna Belau

Anna is responsible for Global Channel Marketing server and networking campaigns, launches, lead generation and enablement programs. Anna has been with Dell for close to 4 years, leading programs supporting volume licensing enterprise software business and managing Intel relationship and partner funding for client business. Anna brings over 10 successful years working with channel community, driving integrated marketing campaigns and events. In her spare time Anna enjoys being active, loves spending free time with family and friends, and her secret hobby is knitting.