Seize the PowerEdge Advantage and Accelerate Your Business

Learn why top Dell EMC executives are so excited about all the opportunities offered by latest PowerEdge servers…

In the second of two blogs based on our On the Road series of video interviews, top Dell EMC executives express their excitement about the new generation of PowerEdge servers.

In these three short and very accessible videos, they give an overview of what it is that sets pioneering PowerEdge technology apart. Watch to discover how you can promote a server refresh to Dell EMC PowerEdge solutions to help your customers realize their vision of a worry-free data center – without compromise.

How Dell EMC PowerEdge delivers the difference

On the road with Guillaume Field

Guillaume Field, Server & Networking Marketing Director at Dell EMC, uses his interview to explain how Dell EMC designed and developed the market’s most affordable and capable servers. Watch to discover why the key differentiators of the new PowerEdge server portfolio are leaving competitor products out in the cold…

Within the latest PowerEdge servers, he says, Dell EMC has enabled denser computing – more drives, more IOPS and the ability to have many more GPUs in the servers. “Translated loosely, that’s much more compute in a much smaller space – for our customers and our partners,” he explains.

PowerEdge servers can now run hotter, operating efficiently at up to 40-degree ambient air. “When we put them in our data centers with the hot aisles and the cold aisles, if you put our competitors’ servers behind them, we will cook them!”

Guillaume adds: “These new servers are the culmination of all of Dell EMC’s know-how. From a compute perspective, they’re the densest we’ve ever had. From a cooling perspective, they run better, hotter, faster than our competitors. More importantly, they’re the most affordable solution set and the most capable server solutions on the market.”

With the new PowerEdge portfolio, he says, Dell EMC has “listened to customers’ functional requirements, introduced practical innovations and deployed them as successful technical solutions.”

How would he describe this in one word? “That’s easy: awesome sauce!”

> Watch the video now (3:07 length) to learn more about ‘awesome’ new PowerEdge technology.

Secure, capable, scalable infrastructure that solves customer challenges

On the road with Brian Payne

In a world with ever more demand being placed on servers, Brian Payne, Vice-President, Product Management at Dell EMC, explains how PowerEdge solutions solve critical customer challenges.

You can watch this interview to discover how PowerEdge servers help your customers to operate with impressive efficiency and performance in different environments, such as hyper-converged workloads.

“The industry is excited because server infrastructure is powering the modern data center,” says Brian. “That means the demands on server infrastructure are more important than ever as we move to a world where there’s software-defined storage, software-defined networking. That means more workload and uses cases are coming to the server infrastructure, which puts more demands on the capabilities that a server provider like Dell EMC can deliver – and we’ve met that challenge with the new PowerEdge servers. We’re able to support all of those new and emerging use cases, as well as the traditional ones, more efficiently and more capably than ever before.

Dell EMC partners, he says, have really embraced the new server portfolio – seeing not only the enhanced capabilities, but their own input in terms of the features and functionality that have been developed. “There’s also the new enablement that we’ve done for our partner community,” he explains. “So now we can absolutely go hand-in-hand and meet end user needs in ways that we never have before.”

For Brian, PowerEdge in a word is: “Industry-leading”

> View the interview here (5:03 length) to see Brian explaining how PowerEdge enables customer workloads that are increasingly running on hyper-converged infrastructure.

An outstanding business opportunity for partners

On the road with Michael Collins

Underpinned by an extraordinary Partner Program that’s designed to be Simple, Predictable and Profitable, the latest PowerEdge servers represent an incredibly exciting prospect and business growth opportunity for all Dell EMC partners.

Michael Collins, Senior Vice President of Dell EMC Channel EMEA, says partners are “pumped about PowerEdge” – and that sales enablement is key to success for everyone.

View this video to discover what Dell EMC has done to drive and enable channel sales success.

“Channel enablement is critical for us,” says Michael. “Because the channel is an extension of our own sales force. They’re the gurus and we really want our partners to be as capable as our own people. So we have a really great Partner Program that we hinge everything off.”

He adds that Dell EMC’s server business is in spectacular shape, with great cross-selling opportunities for partners. In Michael’s opinion, the launch of the latest generation of PowerEdge servers is “like rocket fuel added to the mix” – creating a full portfolio of “best-in-class everything”.

“With the merger of Dell and EMC, we’re effectively number one in everything – and the launch of new PowerEdge technology just makes the strong even stronger. Embedded security is such a big thing now and automation is critical. We now have at the front end better automation capabilities than at any time in our history. These are very exciting times.”

According to Michael, PowerEdge is simply: “best-in-class”

> See what Michael says (3:47 length) about the fantastic opportunities offered by blending an outstanding Partner Program with consistently industry-leading technology.


Learn more about the innovative capabilities of the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.

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About the Author: Anna Belau

Anna is responsible for Global Channel Marketing server and networking campaigns, launches, lead generation and enablement programs. Anna has been with Dell for close to 4 years, leading programs supporting volume licensing enterprise software business and managing Intel relationship and partner funding for client business. Anna brings over 10 successful years working with channel community, driving integrated marketing campaigns and events. In her spare time Anna enjoys being active, loves spending free time with family and friends, and her secret hobby is knitting.