The Second Machine Age: 5 Things Our Kids’ Kids Won’t Know about Healthcare


  1. A Jawbone used to be a wearable device for geeks.
  2. Walgreens used to be a pharmacy where you went to get your prescriptions.
  3. You could only get a prescription after an in-person visit to the doctor.
  4. To test your blood pressure, you had to wear a rubber sleeve, not just put your socks on.
  5. You went to see a doctor when you felt off color and, strangely, you felt better just sitting in reception waiting while people all around you were coughing.

Transportation and retail aren’t the only industries being redefined by technology and our insatiable need to automate pretty much every aspect of our lives. Healthcare is too.

In this third installment of my “what life will look like in the new Industrial Age” series, I’m looking at what‘s in store for us with healthcare.

So, my fascination with healthcare was sparked by a seminar on detoxification and metabolism I attended recently. It seems good health these days is attainable with a discipline of 20% exercise, 30% nutrition and 50% detox. Yes, massive detox followed by much better eating.

What we put into our bodies has changed so substantially that it seems a large majority of today’s illnesses can be traced to very acidic PH levels. Our livers (our major internal cleaner) simply can’t keep up with the toxins we’re putting into our bodies (think: food preservatives, medications, diet soda, etc.), and our bodies are starting to exhibit signs of malfunctions.

However, rather than treating the root cause of our illnesses (what we’re ingesting), we go get prescriptions to treat the symptoms, which further freaks out our livers, and we use water to surround the toxins in a sort of quarantine.

Now, I’m no doctor, but it seems only common sense to spend as much time maintaining ourselves as we do our vehicles. However, we don’t.

But that’s about to change. Let me explain. Continue reading on our sister site Reflections.

About the Author: Guy Churchward