Scale-out NAS: the future of data storage

The months are flying by and it’s crazy to think that we’re almost half way through the year. I’ve been keeping busy but, as always, trying my best to keep an ear to the ground to see what’s buzzing in the industry. Recently, I came across Terri McClure’s (senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group) podcast on how the face of network-attached storage (NAS) is changing.

Ten years ago scale-out NAS started in niche markets and catered to handling high-throughput applications in industries like media, entertainment and bioinformatics. The future of this technology has quickly changed as enterprise IT shops are increasingly looking for new systems that better meet the demands of their big data. It’s no longer only used in niche to high-throughput apps, but relevant to all enterprises across the board. As Terri discusses in her podcast, today it is expected thatscale-out storage will make up 80% of all external network storage systems by 2015!”

Here at Isilon, we’re at the forefront of turning this prediction into a reality – and we’ve underscored the power and flexibility of scale-out NAS with our newest platforms. We know that not only has the big data era arrived, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily, we’re prepared to help our customers tackle the challenges that big data presents and turn them into unique opportunities to accelerate revenue or discoveries. Our new hardware and software products provide better support for file I/O-intensive applications and scale to multi-petabytes of data under a single file system. And that’s just the beginning. Get in touch and let us show you what we think the future looks like – let’s see how we align with your vision. I promise you won’t be disappointed. ‘

To hear more on Terri’s take on scale-out NAS, you can check out the podcast or take a look at the transcript as provided by TechTarget’s Carol Silwa here.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch