Saving energy, time and money at Commerz Real

commerz_real I recently took a trip to Germany to shoot a video for one of our customers, Commerz Real, a retail asset manager, so I was expecting to hear a lot about two staples of the sector: regulations and data. We’ve seen lots of press about financial services regulations over the last couple of years, but it was interesting to see what it meant in real terms for an organisation that needs to work effectively within them.

Martin Mittler, one of the company’s directors, told me how Commerz Real was the result of a merger. Following the deal, Martin realised that the direct attached storage they had in place wouldn’t let the organisation share data between two sites. It was something he and systems administrator Carsten Boenke explored when they ran a workshop with Dell consultants.

It was great to hear how they’d overcome this challenge with a virtualized infrastructure based on VMware software and Dell servers and Dell EqualLogic storage. The company got a rock-solid data infrastructure that provides investors with critical information and helps the firm comply with data regulations. On top of this, Carsten and the IT team got an infrastructure that was much easier to manage. The team consolidated servers, simplified systems management and boosted green efficiency. However, both Martin and Carsten stressed that the real success lies in giving the company’s asset managers the data they need to do what they do best: make great investments.

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