Save Costs & the Planet with IoT

I love well-designed solutions where everyone wins. Our recent collaboration with Vodafone and Utilitywise is a great case in point – three companies coming together to provide an IoT-based energy monitoring solution for thousands of companies in the UK.

The results speak for themselves. Access to real-time data has delivered up to 20 percent savings on business operating costs for customers with a clear return on investment within twelve months. Meanwhile, reduced energy usage translates into a cleaner environment.

Combining expertise

As is the case with all successful collaborations, the three partners brought different expertise to the table. Our Edge Gateway is powered by a dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor and connects to a variety of wired and wireless devices and systems to aggregate, analyse the input, store, and forward the data.

Vodafone adds connectivity and Cloud Hosting while energy consultancy experts, Utilitywise, delivers energy data analysis and reporting.

Central hub

The platform – accessible through a web browser or smartphone application – acts as a central hub, collating all the critical data, gathered by separate building management systems that traditionally don’t talk to one another, such as lighting, security access control, water, heating, elevators plus large equipment like refrigerators in a retail environment and air conditioning.

Knowledge is power

You can view and compare energy metering data across multiple sites to monitor efficiency, cost, and waste. For example, you can identify energy costs per piece of equipment, track your reduction targets, access energy saving tips, convert energy units like kWh into the corresponding monetary value or carbon calculations. It’s all about giving you new insights that will deliver actionable savings.

Good for you and for the planet

Accessing this data allows you to change how energy is being used, optimise your systems and re-negotiate existing contracts with energy providers. You get real-time access to all the knowledge you need to start cutting your consumption, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

This story is a great example of how IoT is being used to transform business and deliver practical benefit. It also demonstrates our commitment to Dell4Good, where we put our technology and expertise to work for the good of our planet.

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