Salvage firm recoups time for high-value tasks

ursURS is a familiar name in ports in Belgium and the Netherlands, and the region that flanks the Scheldt River. The shipping industry has used URS vessels for towage and salvage since 1870, and today it has one of the most advanced fleets in operation.

So it’s no surprise that its IT infrastructure is up-to-date too, but, like any firm, it needs more than just technology that works. The IT team is committed to delivering high availability – but they need time to innovate too. And that makes support vital. Kevin Young, Systems Engineer at URS, explains: “IT is essential to our organisation because we can’t afford any unplanned downtime, but we needed to find a balance – we didn’t want all our resources to be wasted on maintenance. We wanted to spend time innovating and developing services for personnel.” fleet

Young chose Dell ProSupport for its modular support offerings, which gave him a programme tailored to his team’s needs. “We chose the options that were right for our business and gave us time to focus on strategic work,” he recalls. URS chose Dell Proactive Maintenance to maximise the availability of the company’s storage area network – something he was keen to achieve without using internal resources. And with an annual health-check for the main datacentre and disaster recovery site, he knew that the firm’s technology was as sturdy on dry land as it is on water. “I’d recommend Dell Proactive Maintenance to any business,” says Kevin Young. “It simplifies the maintenance process and frees up my time to work on high-value tasks.”

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