RSA Launches RSA Archer GRC 6, Inspiring Everyone to Own Risk

Risk is changing. Headlines are littered with high profile risk-related issues that plague organizations. Boards, executives, regulators, auditors and shareholders demand more visibility into and assurance that the risk and compliance programs are operating effectively. This scrutiny is moving downstream to smaller enterprises, making risk management a pervasive issue for organizations of all sizes, in all industries. Risk is a multi-dimensional problem and it continues to become more and more complex.

The future of risk and compliance requires everyone to own risk. Everyone within your organization must act as “risk managers” within their own role.

As more organizations decentralize risk management and place it as close as possible to where risk is most visible, RSA Archer GRC is designed to focus on making it easy and effective to engage business unit managers in the risk management process. Today, we’re announcing the release of RSA Archer GRC 6 at RSA Conference Abu Dhabi. Representing the next generation in GRC technology, RSA Archer GRC 6 builds on our legacy of providing customers with a solid foundation for a strong risk and compliance program, and enhances the design, features and functionality for use beyond the traditional risk and compliance team. These are engineered to enhance the solution, including:

  • A new user experience for all RSA Archer GRC solutions, including a walk-up friendly, task-driven user interface and drag-and-drop advanced workflow capabilities.
  • New capabilities for RSA Archer Operational Risk Management, including end-to-end support for the self-assessment lifecycle; enhancements for loss event origination, root cause analysis, routing, and approval; and metrics management.


Available beginning next week for new, on-premise installations, these new features help enable you to better engage business unit managers (the first line of defense) and risk managers (the second line of defense) in your organization’s risk management program.

We realize that risk management is not a challenge that can be solved simply with technology. It is a business imperative that must be addressed through a shift in focus, priority and culture within your organization, making risk management part of how everyone in your organization thinks and acts. By engaging everyone in the risk process, you can gather risk intelligence, eliminate operational inefficiency and achieve your most strategic growth objectives.

That’s why our collective mission at RSA is to “Inspire Everyone to Own Risk.” That is our passion. That is our commitment.

Take a look at how RSA Archer GRC is working to inspire everyone to own risk and learn more about RSA Archer GRC 6 at our virtual launch event on November 10, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

* RSA Archer GRC 6 is available for new, on premise installations beginning November 10, 2015.

About the Author: Shai Cohen