RSA completes the RSA Via portfolio of Smart Identity solutions with the newest version of RSA Via Lifecycle & Governance

We’re pleased to announce that the latest version of RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance completes the RSA Via portfolio of Smart Identity solutions, giving organizations an end-to-end solution designed to manage user access to resources from the endpoint to the cloud. We have some great new IAM capabilities in store with RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance but before I dive into them, I want to talk about how we’re not just managing identities, we’re helping both to lock down one of the primary attack vectors of advanced threats today and make our customers more secure in the process.

Via-Pie_For-PulseIdentity and Access Management (IAM) is well-known for being a challenging area, and many enterprises follow best practices and approach IAM in a phased manner. This, coupled with RSA’s approach to IAM based on configuration, not customization, has resulted in many customer successes. And yet, in some ways, I believe that organizations are not thinking big enough about the value that an IAM program can bring. Which brings us back to security. RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance’s new capabilities are engineered to connect IAM with cybersecurity for the first time. IAM teams bring a unique perspective to cyber defense.  Due to the fact that we manage the processes and policies about how users should obtain access, we can better detect unauthorized access. That includes malicious privilege escalation, which is a key element of nearly every data breach we hear about in the news today. By comparing access changes to those that were properly requested and approved, customers can now immediately detect and respond to unauthorized changes – which may well be an indicator of a malicious actor in motion.

In this new version, we’ve made product improvements in three areas: simplicity, effectiveness, and performance. Today’s customers need an IAM platform that is designed to be simple for their team and the overall business to use, so that changes can be implemented quickly – reducing dependence on developers or consultants. This helps shrink project cycles, deliver business agility, and reduce costs – and enables the IAM team to be more self-sufficient. Their chosen IAM platform must also be effective – providing clear visibility into all access changes, and be resilient to errors. Finally, of course, the platform must provide performance that can scale to meet the size, availability, and responsiveness requirements of larger enterprises.

We’ve raised the bar with this newest version of RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance, and are confident that our customers will find it helps clearly address their IAM and security challenges.

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About the Author: Jim Ducharme