RNs On-Call, LLC – 2008 U.S. Small Business Excellence Award Finalist Profile

Given the current state of the U.S. healthcare system, saving money
is an urgent need and a daunting task. One business, however, is
implementing technology to make a big change.

RNs On-Call, LLC develops telehealth
technology to offer a cost-effective solution to the growing shortage
of nurses, flood of aging baby-boomer patients and stressed out
doctors. How does it work?

RN’s On-Call employs nurses, from the convenience of their own home,
to take after-hours patient phone calls that have been rerouted from an
emergency center or the patient’s primary healthcare provider. “Our
telehealth equipment is extremely competitive because it allows us to
route and reroute calls so effectively that everyone gets the help they
need in a way that is also cost-effective,” said Tuck Corvinus,
president and CEO of RN’s On-Call. “Patients, doctors and nurses, our
technology presents benefits to all parties”

Having nurses on stand-by to provide telehealth support is a huge
help to doctors and emergency rooms because the nurses can provide
advice and emergency care, over the phone, to many patients that do not
necessarily require a doctor’s attention.  This reduces
resource-associated costs by more than 40% over traditional methods and
gives healthcare professionals time to see more patients, especially
important as the large baby-boomer generation gets older. RN’s On-Call
also allows for patients to communicate with nurses right-away as
opposed to other systems that often lead patients through
time-consuming and frustrating automated messages. And the technology
set up for the nurse is easy – Nurses only need a laptop, wireless
Internet connection and cell phone to accept inbound routed patient

“Anyone who has been a nurse knows how grueling and tiring the work
can be, and this problem is a big contributor to today’s nursing
shortage,” said Tuck. “Our system benefits nurses by providing them
with the means to work from home. Setting us apart from competitors,
our system creates the perfect job for the many nurses who are burnt
out by working in the healthcare industry.”

RNs On-Call’s telehealth technology provides unbeatable benefits,
creating a win-win-win situation for tired nurses, overbooked doctors
and frustrated patients.

If you are interested in learning more about RNs On-Call or have questions or comment for Tuck, please post here or contact RNs On-Call directly.

About the Author: J. J. Davis