Rising star in hosted services slashes energy use by 50 per cent and simplifies management using virtualization

The challenges facing hosted services companies were brought sharply into focus when we recently shot a video for one of the industry’s rising stars Catalyst2. The company – which targets SMEs – first told me how rapid growth helped it to expand quickly across the UK and Ireland. It then immediately followed this up with a list of issues that success had brought with it. For example, server numbers in the datacentre continued to rise, which in turn led to increased management time and spiralling energy costs.

These guys didn’t let the grass grow under their feet – they began looking for a solution straightaway. One of their first stops was a virtualization seminar organised by Dell, which described the advantages of VMware® running on Dell PowerEdge servers. Next, they went along to a demonstration of Dell EqualLogic virtualized storage.

Take a listen to how Catalyst2 addressed these challenges:

As you have just heard, some of the great business benefits Catalyst2 are realising include:-

  • Datacentre power consumption reduced by approximately 50 per cent
  • Simplified tools mean staff spend up to 35 per cent less time on routine management tasks
  • Firmware upgraded around 80 per cent faster with the Dell Lifecycle Controller
  • Dell EqualLogic storage area networks (SANs) up and running in about 15 minutes

We came away from the shoot with the clear impression that Catalyst2 was a great advocate for both hosted services and the performance of a virtualized solution enabled by Dell.

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady