With the right protection strategy, the Data Lake is not as scary

locnessBig Data has become large and mysterious enough to compete with the Loch Ness monster.  According to Wikipedia, “Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process them using traditional data processing applications.”

Companies across various industries are running into collections of data that are so complex it becomes unmanageable to even process. Data keeps clogging infrastructures and the usage of traditional database management tools or data processing just isn’t cutting it.

So does that mean Big Data is becoming the new Nessie? Far from it because of the Data Lake, which is a single repository that can store data of different sizes, types and from various sources.  Yes, the Data Lake is as large as Nessie’s Scottish loch but according to Pivotal, “Building a Business Data Lake reference architecture has never been easier.” The Data Lake enables you to run analytics with all types of data resulting in new opportunities for customers.

As Paul Maritz, CEO of Pivotal, states in an article, “A data lake isn’t just a landing zone for all sorts of data. It’s where you can analyze the data as well, and where you can find the correlations among data that you’ve never before examined together.”

Big Data doesn’t have to seem like we’re dealing with a monster. EMC offers a Data Lake and data protection solutions that enable you to store and protect all of your data.  Ensuring your valuable information swimming in the data lake is properly protected gives you assurance you can access it when you need it. Even when dealing with Big Data seems to be an endless deep loch, it often turns out to be less complex than you initially thought!

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About the Author: Amy McCue