Are Your IT Resources Struggling to Tackle Digital Transformation?

We spend a lot of time talking to customers at Dell Technologies World, and this year we noticed that most of those conversations centered on transformation. We’re living in an exciting time. There are a lot of great technology options for customers looking to transform their business. And yet, adopting new infrastructure can be a challenge. Not having the expertise or the resources needed reduces your capacity to grow and weakens your ability to focus on the transformation activities relevant to your business. New technology should translate into benefits and opportunities-–it shouldn’t be another challenge or burden on your IT staff.

Dee Rumford, Dell EMC Director of Services Sales, and I recently discussed one solution with Dell TV reporters at Dell Technologies World. We spent some time talking about transformations, the challenges customers face and how we help address those challenges.

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Digital transformation has been an enormous theme at this year’s show. What are some of the challenges companies face as part of that journey?

David: We constantly hear from customers that they’re worried about adopting new technology. They have to be able to transition successfully from their current technology to the next generation product to keep up with their evolving business demands. The other challenge they face is how to effectively utilize their technology. They need to decide whether it makes sense to enable new features in their environment. Finally, companies are facing challenges around IT resource management. To be able to successfully implement and transform new technology, you must have the right expertise, training, and knowledge of new technology. That’s not always easy to come by.

A lot of those challenges have to do with IT staffing. What can companies do to prepare their staff to manage digital transformation?

Dee: As companies move towards digital transformation, they’re requiring their IT staff to be more strategic with their projects and initiatives, while making sure their day-to-day operations run smoothly. That’s where Residency Services plays an instrumental role. With Residency Services, the customer is getting highly skilled professionals with deep product expertise in our storage, server, and networking portfolio. They work as an extension of the customer’s staff, helping them transition to their new Dell EMC technology faster and optimizing their data center. This gives our customers valuable time back in their day to focus on the innovative projects that are critical to reaching their revenue goals.

What kinds of results are companies seeing from customers who use Residency Services?

Dee: Recently, IDC conducted a study that showed organizations are getting significant value from Residency Services, both in terms of improving their IT organizations and overall business performance. In fact, nearly 98% of those surveyed recommended Residency Services. The study also found that businesses who use Residency Services:

  • Improved IT staff adoption and use of technology by 56%
  • Reduced number of problems by 54%
  • Improved overall technology performance by 53%
  • Improved overall IT staff efficiency by 49%

David: The great thing about Residency is that it’s different from traditional support and deploy services. It functions as an extension of the customer’s staff. Customers have the flexibility to change their Residency Services engagement as their business needs evolve.

What do you tell customers who are interested in bringing a Resident into their organization?

David: You need to take a holistic approach. Most of our customers aren’t just looking to solve a single point-in-time problem. They’re trying to take a journey. Our standard services for support and deployment are a great foundation, but Residency can help with the entire IT lifecycle. They help customers transition from a pre-production state, into a production state. They can also help customers by operating the infrastructure, allowing the customers’ IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.

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About the Author: David Mensing

David Mensing has been with Dell for over 20 years, primarily focused on Support and Deployment Services. During his time, David has engaged in multiple roles, including Client and Enterprise Support and Product Management. Leading projects across the Deployment, Residency, and Data Migration Services portfolio, David focuses on more tightly integrating our services portfolio while evolving existing offerings. He believes in aligning the service experience to the customer’s lifecycle, so that we can assist the customer at every stage. David has a degree in History from the University of Texas at Austin. In his free time, he enjoys being the leader for his son’s Cub Scout Den, playing the classical double bass, studying history, and traveling.