Relieving Network Traffic Congestion

Editor’s Note: Posted on behalf of Jeremy Erwin, Dell Networking

A great network is one that simply works. A connection that quickly and effortlessly delivers multimedia content, email, large files and digital voice and video.  The problem with many of today’s networks is that the ever-increasing number of connected devices turns these simple tasks into big challenges.  Add the job of delivering power to devices like phones and wireless access points, and an already sluggish network can practically grind to a halt.

Dell Networking offers a wealth of tools to help you break free from the constraints of outmoded enterprise networks. Dell Networking switches help transform your network for today’s demands by adapting to changing traffic patterns and applying more security based on user and application type — helping to ensure access to the most critical applications. Simply scale your network with stacking technology and add more throughput capacity with our 10 and 40GbE switches.

Rather than forcing you to “rip and replace” components within your existing system, Dell solutions are designed to work in tandem with tools you’re already using. This modularity not only makes Dell solutions cost-effective and easy to use, but gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be working with tools with which you’re already familiar.

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About the Author: Michelle Richard