Reliable Power to Protect Your Precious Data

There is a tree twisting thunderstorm raging outside and you know enough to grab a flashlight and candle just in case the power goes out. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You miss a rerun episode of Mad Men? Ah, but wait, isn’t the online sale is still going on at work through mid-night? Oh crud, what if the servers go down? Will you lose all the credit card transactions in process?

There is no need to sweat a power outage when your servers and storage are backed up with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). You’re in luck. Today Dell unveiled 28 new UPS products with a whopping efficiency rating of 95% or more to keep your systems running. The UPS products come in a variety of wattages in either tower or rack-mount form to give you reliable, vital power backup for your IT equipment to protect your precious data.

Dell UPS systems come with LCD screens for instant status and monitoring of the full power load of a rack and even your entire network by glancing at the Dell UPS display. But what good is that when you’re kicking back at home? Not to worry, they have management software for remote management and monitoring through Web browsers. The Dell UPS will also send you an alarm notification and status reports through e-mail or a text to your mobile phones. They also will perform a graceful, unattended operating system shutdown if there is an extended power outage. Now relax and get back to watching Mad Men.

I had a chance to talk with William Muscato, product manager for the Dell Data Center Infrastructure team, about the new line-up of Dell UPS products. Here is what he had to say about how Dell has thoughtfully included features to simplify the selection, deployment, and monitoring of power backup and distribution.

About the Author: Matt McGinnis