Refresh Your Printer Fleet to Minimize Costs

Printers represent a significant, often-overlooked and underestimated expense for most organizations. And, in an era where data center equipment is being consolidated and refreshed in order to reap efficiencies and savings, there’s no excuse not to do the same for printers.

During a recent Dell webinar, Aaron Goldberg, CEO of Content 4 IT, illustrated the need for more active printer management, something IT analysts have been urging businesses to do for years. It’s important for organizations to track printer costs, overhaul their processes, and refresh their fleets on a regular basis.

In fact, recent IDC data estimated that print spend as a proportion of an organization’s revenue can run as high as 12 percent, with an accepted average range of 1 to 3 percent. For a $1 billion organization, that’s $10 million to $30 million per year that isn’t well-monitored or optimized.

Additionally, Gartner recommends refreshing printers every three years to help deliver savings and efficiencies by enabling businesses to leverage the following:

  • Declining supplies costs (older printers require supplies that are difficult to find and rarely discounted)
  • Increased speed and durability
  • Longer replenishment intervals for supplies
  • Reduced number of printers (especially when deploying multifunction devices) as fewer printers are easier to manage allowing you to increase IT productivity which indirectly lowers costs
  • Reduced number of suppliers (which reduces administrative headaches and management time)
  • Lower maintenance costs (which are typically covered under a three year warranty sold with a printer, but are not covered after three years when the printer is no longer under warranty)
  • Reduced energy consumption

To learn whether organizations are following these guidelines for printer refreshes, Dell and Ziff Davis Enterprise conducted a printer survey (PDF file) of 135 IT influencers who are involved in purchasing, setting up, or maintaining printers in organizations of 500 or more employees. The results showed that there is great room for improvement because organizations are not very proactive in terms of printer refreshes, but they do recognize the potential for cutting printer costs significantly. In fact, ROI calculations from Dell show that the total cost of ownership savings could reach 45 percent.

And, as mentioned above, cost savings are just one reason why your organization should engage in proactive printer management and printer refreshes. Dell Printer Consultants can help you take charge of your printing enterprise by performing a quick analysis, with no hardware or software installation needed. They’ll provide you access to powerful Total Cost of Ownership tools to analyze your current print environment and can help you identify the areas that need improvement and where consolidation can occur for potential savings.

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About the Author: Orlando Lacayo