Redefining Work: Bringing a 360 View of the Patient in the Clinician’s Hands

Would you rather have your doctor focus on treating you or trying to find your information in complex IT systems? The former, right? So would we.

Today, EMC unveils EMC Documentum Clinical Viewer which addresses this exact issue. This is a solution for organizing and accessing patient records from a mobile device in a more visual and tactile manner—empowering clinicians with a complete view of patient history, diagnosis and treatment at their fingertips. Developed in partnership with U.K. based Fortrus Ltd., the Documentum Clinical Viewer completely revolutionizes patient care by allowing clinicians to rapidly find and access patient information quicker and easier than ever before—opening the door for enhanced collaboration, care coordination and patient engagement.

EMC’s strategic partnership with Fortrus will allow organizations to enable their clinicians to optimize care delivery with ‘always-on’ access to a patient’s health information from any location, and from any source, using a mobile device.

clin viewer 1

Through an intuitive interface and use of integrated search that is built to harness the power of the EMC Documentum Integrated Patient Record (IPR) solution suite, the Clinical Viewer solution enables users to access all information associated with a patient from sources that the IPR solution captures, indexes and integrates into the EMR. In one place, these records, as well as time-consuming paper-based records and scanned images of the medical record, can now be easily viewed and shared across the continuum of care—which not only creates efficiencies, but also better facilitates clinician coordination and care collaboration.

Using open standards for healthcare IT, the IPR solution enables the processes to view, manage and share this information—regardless of source, location or format. Clinical Viewer enhances these capabilities by making structured and unstructured content from disparate sources easy for the clinician to access—making patient information available for viewing in a format that improves usability.

‘Always-on’ capability enables clinicians to rapidly and securely access a comprehensive view of patient history, diagnosis and treatment at the point of care from their mobile device—regardless of the clinicians facility location or where they travel across the care continuum—allowing for patient information to be found far quicker and easier than ever before.

clin viewer 2

Mobility, and the ability to see a longitudinal view of the care a patient receives across the continuum of care, will break down the wall of separation that typically exits between the clinician and the patient. This allows for efficiencies to be increased, collaboration enhanced and patient outcomes to be improved—all while reducing costs.

This intuitive, complete view of the patient record will allow healthcare organizations to both transform the care delivery process and immeasurably improve the patient experience. It will also promote greater patient engagement as patients become enabled to take more meaningful involvement in their own care and treatment by collaborating with their caregivers.

clin viewer 3

Clinical Viewer is secure, compliant and auditable—both for offline and online viewing of medical records—ensuring the safety of patient information at all times. Information is wirelessly synchronized from the mobile device back to the central database (Documentum Integrated Patient Record), offering a virtuous circle for other professionals and teams involved in a patient’s care—reducing duplication and strengthening the quality of patient information.

So if you are a Healthcare provider organization, settle for no less to empower your clinicians. And as a patient, pray that your Healthcare provider is using the Documentum Healthcare Solution suite.

About the Author: Rohit Ghai