Redefining Industry-Leading Protection Storage for Small Businesses

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Small businesses and remote offices are challenged when it comes to selecting a data protection solution due to required resource commitments and price points.  Some businesses manage their backups at low cost with tape praying that they won’t face any downtime or data loss. This gamble could result in a significant financial loss because the cost of lost data could be catastrophic.  Knowing that your data is backed up is just like an insurance plan and provides you with a peace of mind.

Small businesses can now rejoice. Just announced at EMC World 2015 is the new 4 TB starting capacity point for Data Domain DD2200. The DD2200 offers enterprise-grade data protection on an entry-level budget with a lower capacity point of 4 usable TB. This redefines protection storage for small businesses and remote offices. The DD2200 offers scalability, flexibility, and business agility all while keeping your data recoverable with Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture, providing the industry’s best defense against data integrity and recoverability issues. Not only do EMC’s Data Domain systems put recovery above all else, but the DD2200 offers a technology that maintains data in the event of power loss. This unique feature ensures that a battery automatically powers the entire Data Domain system as data from RAM is written to disk in a process called “vaulting” before cutting the power. Without this architecture, inflight data could be lost due to power disruption caused by any catastrophic event such as AC power loss.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Aurora Organic Dairy is an example of a customer who was able to overcome backup challenges using Data Domain. Their environment was vulnerable to hardware failures resulting in unplanned downtime and potential data loss.  Since deploying EMC NetWorker and EMC Data Domain, Aurora Organic Dairy has seen dramatic improvements in data deduplication, achieving a 340:1 ratio. By investing in reliable protection storage, Aurora Organic Dairy has reduced the amount of data being backed up and the time it takes to complete individual backups.

Invest in flexibility
The DD2200 is now available in three starting capacity points – 4 TB, 7.5 TB, and 17.2 TB usable capacity. When you need expansion in the future, no problem! This new model allows for flexible capacity which enables customers to start with 4 TB and scale up to 7.5 TB or 13.2TB after upgrades.

For more information on this affordable protection storage platform visit the EMC Store.

About the Author: Amy McCue