Redefining Being Part of the IT Operations Team

The difference between enterprise IT success and failure comes down to nothing less than the level of commitment an IT vendor is willing to make on behalf of the IT professionals that bet their careers on the quality of the products and services being provided.

Every experienced IT professional knows they need to expect the unexpected. What they should be able to count on without fail is a vendor willing to go the extra mile to minimize any potential disruption to the business. After all, it’s not just revenue streams being impacted; it’s the reputation of everyone involved in the administration of the IT environment that gets affected.

That’s why the level of investment the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division of Dell EMC is making in protecting those reputations is unrivaled. Tools and services that we routinely provide to ensure those reputations include:

  • A Release Certification Matrix that provides prescriptive guidance for patching and updating more than 30 elements of software and firmware.Vision dashboard
  • Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations software that automatically identifies any component that is out of sync with the Release Certification Matrix
  • Automatic issuance of security and technology alerts any time a product defect might cause a serious disruption.
  • Single point of contact for all support issues regardless of original manufacturing source.
  • Tools to automate backup of system configurations as well as change periodically change credentials to better secure the overall environment.
  • Access to professional services to take on any management task or assist in the creation of runbooks to automate any IT management process or sets of functions.

As is often the case, enterprise IT an ounce of prevention is always going to be worth a pound of proverbial cure. Converged and hyper-converged systems from Dell EMC are designed from the ground up to provide the highest levels of availability possible. Dell EMC also uniquely provides access to tools and services that provide IT teams with actionable intelligence that in the event of an emergency help make certain any disruption in service is kept to an absolute bare minimum.

cz0pwjixaaey60aIn effect, Dell EMC is invested in the success of each customer to the point where our goal is to become an extension of the IT operations team. Rather than simply viewing ourselves as a supplier, the Dell EMC customer commitment extends to the point where we make our resources available in the form of tools and services that are readily available any time and anywhere 365 days a year. Regardless of the source of the problem, Dell EMC is singularly focused on the success of the IT operations teams that standardize on our platforms.

We invite you to download a “Best Operating Practices Tools for VxBlock and Vblock” that provides recommended action to maximize and optimize Dell EMC Converged Systems’ investment and helps track customers’ progress. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate the effort Dell EMC is willing to make to not just become your preferred vendor, but more importantly, a member of your extended IT operations staff. After all, we realize that when it comes to system availability it’s not just about dollars and cents; it’s a matter of personal pride.

Todd Pavone

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