RecoverPoint 4.0 Changes the Replication Economics for VNX

Today is a great day for the legions of customers around the world who love and rely on EMC RecoverPoint as their data protection solution of choice.

The new EMC RecoverPoint 4.0 provides EMC VNX unified storage customers’ savings up-to 60% on their replication investment.  Now a growing number of mid-sized organizations can benefit from RecoverPoint’s DVR-like rollback capability and realize any point-in-time recovery for their most mission-critical applications. With EMC RecoverPoint, one solution protects any host, any application, on any array, physical or virtual.

RecoverPoint 4.0 introduces the virtual RecoverPoint Appliance (vRPA) option for EMC VNX unified storage.  This software-only replication solution contains the advanced capabilities RecoverPoint customers depend on, but is packaged to run on a virtual machine.

That’s just part of what we’ve rolled out with the new RecoverPoint 4.0. Here’s an overview for more detail:

If a fatal error occurs in your environment, can you afford to recover to a point in time that is hours or a maybe a day old?  EMC RecoverPoint Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology provides a selectable Recovery Point Objective (RPO) so you can roll-back to that moment in time just before your data became corrupted or lost.

An Industry First for VMware Environments:

RecoverPoint 4.0 is the industry’s first replication product to recover a virtual machine to ANY point-in-time in a VMware SRM Test or Failover vs. having to settle for the last point in time.  Perfect for rapidly recovering from major issues like viruses or data corruption.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Real Efficiency Gains:

You can now reduce OPEX with the option to replicate synchronously over IP.   RecoverPoint’s integrated WAN bandwidth reduction technology optimizes network resource utilization and can reduce associated costs by up to 90%.

A new management interface; Unisphere for RecoverPoint makes the experience more consistent with EMC’s standard GUI and provides new self-service capabilities.  This is also fully extensible with a REST API to plug in other management systems and create custom reports.

Remote Offices?

RecoverPoint 4.0 introduces multi-site support to protect data across remote offices with a 4:1 fan-in.  This capability also allows replicating the same volume to up to four remote locations.

Still Enterprise-Class?  You bet.

For those of you who may think we’ve gone soft on replication with this new release – fear not.  With its new generation of physical appliances, RecoverPoint 4.0 increases asynchronous throughput by over 60% to 400MB/sec.   We’ve increased the number of protected volumes by 4X to over 8000 Volumes, and replicated capacity increases by 7X to 2PB.  Pretty heavy lifting, eh?

Asset 2Exceeding 100 Million run hours this year in the critical area of data protection, you can be confident that RecoverPoint is a field-proven solution.

What about SRDF? This new release gives users the ability to protect their SRDF volumes on VMAX with RecoverPoint’s local replication for any point in time recovery.

Learn more about RecoverPoint at Brian Gallagher’s EMC World keynote on Monday May 6th at 2:30pm PDT. Or, view the keynote streamed live on the ECN page.

About the Author: Peter C. Conway