Real innovation for the Oracle datacenter

Last October, Michael Dell stood on the stage at Oracle OpenWorld and announced a new evolution in a long standing partnership with Oracle. Dell Active Infrastructure for Oracle is both the culmination of and the foundation for this new relationship between the two companies. It embodies cooperative engineering, joint support, streamlined management and simplicity of procurement for data centers running the Oracle software ecosystem. Today, Dell is releasing significant updates to the Active Infrastructure for Oracle portfolio, with new Oracle Validated Configurations (OVC) and with the new Dell OpenManage Plug-in v.1.0 for Oracle Enterprise Manager v.12c. These two releases bolster an ever broadening lineup of products and solutions focused at strengthening your Oracle infrastructure.

Oracle Validated Configurations (OVC)

Dell is releasing new Oracle Validated Configurations that provide base reference architectures tuned to run both Oracle Linux with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) compatible Linux distributions on the latest innovative technology from Dell. These configurations are based on the new Dell PowerEdge R920 server with Intel E7 v2 processors, providing massive amounts of processing capability (up to 60 cores) and system memory (up to 6TB) in a single system chassis. They leverage Dell Compellent SAN storage for high performance and seamless scalability. The OVC offerings expand a portfolio that is already one of the broadest Oracle tested and validated solution product lines in the industry, providing systems that are designed to be easily deployable, highly available, and simple to manage.

Dell OpenManage Plug-in v.1.0 for Oracle Enterprise Manager v.12c

In order to truly address management of an Oracle data center, more needs to be done to integrate hardware and application tools, simplifying the management and monitoring of the entire ecosystem.

Oracle Enterprise Manager is the premier management tool for Oracle database and application environments. In its native state, Oracle Enterprise Manager only monitors the application, not the underlying hardware infrastructure. Hardware element management for servers, storage and networking is generally separate from the applications, requiring system admins to jump between disparate tools to pinpoint issues in the environment. To help streamline the access to hardware element management, Dell is offering Dell OpenManage Plug-in v.1.0 for Oracle Enterprise Manager v.12c. Built using the Oracle extension framework for plug-in management tools, the Dell Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager provides the following benefits to system administrators:

•      Discovery, Inventory and Monitoring of PowerEdge enterprise servers, Dell storage, and Dell networking, as well as Dell modular servers housed in the PowerEdge VRTX and PowerEdge M1000e chassis

•      Mapping of Database workload to host server

•      Device association of Dell Modular servers, EqualLogic Blade Arrays and Force10 Blade IO modules with PowerEdge VRTX and M1000e Chassis

•      Device specific one-to-one console launch from Oracle EM console

•      One-to-many console launch of Dell OpenManage Essentials (OME) from within Oracle Enterprise Manager

•      Projected Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) certification soon after release, only the seventh vendor plug-in to achieve this certification

The Dell OpenManage Plug-in v.1.0 for Oracle Enterprise Manager v.12c will give data center operators a new and unique way to use a single management tool to see the entire Oracle environment, and that translates into faster time-to-problem resolution.

Dell continues to enhance the performance, efficiency, and quality of the IT experience for Oracle administrators, offering powerful differentiation in an open systems world. This real innovation positions Dell as the premier platform for deploying the Oracle stack – from OS to application – and will continue to enhance and solidify our position as an Oracle preferred x86 partner.

For more information, please visit the Dell Tech Center wiki or our Oracle Partner Page.

About the Author: Carey Dietert