Qblock: The First Turnkey Surveillance Solution Powered by PowerEdge & Isilon

The surveillance industry has been moving to the datacenter as more and more customers are looking to IT grade solutions to transport, process and store their surveillance data. Surveillance data is experiencing a massive increase in camera quantities, resolutions, and retention times. Surveillance data is now a mission critical application and it is no longer okay to deploy the lowest cost alternative. The challenge for our customers, is how do you take advantage of IT grade solutions for surveillance without making it overly complicated to support?  It is critical that they procure validated solutions that are turnkey that address the underlying system requirements.

Imagine buying a car where you had to purchase the engine from one manufacturer, the transmission from another and the electrical system from a third. Once you have all of the parts, it’s your responsibility to put them together and make the car run.

Qognify knows there is a better way and has partnered with Dell EMC to create QBlock, the first turnkey NAS video management solution.


QBlock provides the necessary Software, Compute and Storage components in one unified surveillance solution.

Software—QBlock VisionHub is a high end IP video management system is a completely open, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) enabled, standard solution.

Compute—Dell’s PowerEdge servers are designed to handle evolving and complex workloads through innovations in server-based storage, such as flash, and software-defined storage (SDS).

Storage—The Isilon scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) platform combines modular hardware with unified software to harness unstructured data.


Maintaining any IT infrastructure is a challenge, especially when issues arise. Identifying which hardware or software components are involved in the issue is often the easy part of a resolution. If those components come from different vendors, you are bound to spend time

Having a single support team that has validated the entire Surveillance solution removes the complexity of moving from one vendor to the other in an effort to narrow down where the specific issue resides and finally begin fixing the problem.

The end result is faster diagnostics with proven resolutions, which means less down time.


By having a validated surveillance solution, Dell EMC is able to meet a broad scope of storage and compute requirements and ultimately deliver an infrastructure strategy that meets your immediate needs, while maintaining the flexibility to scale up to accommodate future requirements.

For more information on Qblock, please visit http://www.qognify.com/qblock/

You can also see the Qblock in person at ISCWest April 5-7th. Booth 9109

About the Author: Ken Mills

A leader in the Video Surveillance industry for over 15 years, Ken Mills is the General Manager & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Dell EMC for the Surveillance and Reconnaissance business, and is regarded as one of the company’s top surveillance and public safety experts. Ken has been instrumental in establishing and growing this business and in the development and marketing of Dell EMC Surveillance solutions that greatly improve the performance, reliability, and manageability of enterprise surveillance infrastructure systems. After serving in the Navy as a nuclear engineer, Ken spent five years as a partner in one of the largest contract field sales organizations in the United States. He subsequently became a founding member of the Cisco Systems incubation organization, Emerging Technologies, whose goal was to identify the next billion-dollar businesses for Cisco. Ken quickly became a leader at Cisco and spent almost 8 years building a thriving business for Cisco focused on Surveillance, Access Control, and Emergency Response. Ken joined Dell EMC in 2013 to help the company build what has become a thriving business around Surveillance. He is responsible for developing the concept of a “Public Safety Data Lake,” where agencies can leverage enterprise data management solutions to address the growing demand for storage and security, and has published numerous articles about public safety technology trends. Ken is a founding member of the Cyber Security Advisory Board for the Security Industry Association and is on the Board of Directors for the Security Industry Association. Ken is an Advisory Board Member to the National Spectator Sports Safety and Security organization and is also Fellow with United States State Department. He is uniquely qualified to discuss the Dell EMC value proposition for Surveillance.