Putting the Focus on Partners: EMC Wins Big at GTDC U.S. Vendor Summit

EMC’s channel program maintains an unwavering focus on increasing sales opportunities for our distribution partners. They play a crucial role in the success of our business, which is why we are truly honored to report that on September 10th at the annual Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) U.S. Vendor Summit, EMC, along with EMC Isilon and RSA divisions, received GTDC “Rising Star” awards.

The GTDC industry association represents leading global technology distributors. The “Rising Star” awards are among the IT industry’s most prestigious awards and are presented to technology companies who have reported high sales growth over the past year through their distribution partners.  The awards are rated Gold, Silver and Bronze, with Isilon and RSA receiving Gold awards and EMC receiving the Silver.


We are always proud of the awards and recognition we receive from the IT industry, but we are particularly excited about this award because EMC was one of only 12 overall winners in the United States.  Hundreds of manufacturers and publishers who depend on distributors for product and service requirements were in contention, so we are especially pleased to receive these honors.


The strong relationships we have with our distribution partners are the key to our GTDC wins.  The GTDC works to build partnerships between IT companies and distribution partners, and the Rising Star awards highlight the best partnerships in the industry.  Our distribution partners are invaluable to our business and we accept this award with appreciation for our great partnerships with distributors across the globe.

We are continuing to strengthen these partnerships and provide our distribution partners with the best resources possible in the industry by recognizing our partners’ needs and offering them the best products and solutions that their customers require.  At EMC, we always look for ways to innovate and transform, and our distribution partner relationships are no exception.

Thanks again for this honor from the GTDC!

About the Author: Leonard Iventosch