Pssst… wanna a sneak preview at the Dell Storage Forum Boston sessions?

UPDATE: Sessions are now live on Partners | Customers

Yesterday I tweeted this:

So the sessions still haven't been posted to the Dell Storage Forum site. Now a lot of work goes into planning these sessions, so it would just be wrong of me to post the grid before it is ready. Plus, I'm not sure I have the final *final* copy. But, I thought I would tell you what I found interesting on the list of sessions that will be available in Boston. 

One thing that's different is there are three different track levels:

  1. Overview/biz: if you are new to Dell Storage or just need updates to our technologies and roadmaps
  2. Technical: for more experienced folks
  3. Advanced level: for those of you who know our products as well as your own environment inside and out and are coming to deep dive 
There are some great partner sessions. In addition to sessions geared at helping you sell more, there are technical sessions about EqualLogic, Compellent, designing with 12G servers and Force10 networks, and even a session on AppAssure.

The EqualLogic sessions look intense!

From understanding ethernet requirements to the challenges of designing a 10G SAN network to best practices for MS and VMware to a round-table ask the experts session, if you are coming to learn about EqualLogic you aren't going to be disappointed. I saw lots of names you are familiar with as part of the planning (hopefully also presenting?): Tony Ansley, Jerry Daugherty, Laz Vekiarides, Will Urban, Magi Kapoor, David Stevens, David Glynn, and Chhandomay Mandal.

The Compellent sessions are equally impressive.

There's a session on connectivity best practices, how to manage and provision with SCVMM, VMware best practices, and a round table expert session. Names I recognized: Jason Boche, Tony Holland, and Scott DesBles.

There are really great looking PowerVault tracks too.

Deep dives into the technology, but lots of technical tracks on best practices for Powervault and virtual environments. Vamsee Kasavajhala is one of the names I see working on these tracks.

There's an interesting data protection and retention solutions track

This track has sessions on eDiscovery, tiering, recovering (even cloud recovery). I also see Gene Chesser is involved with the sessions on DX Object Storage (my personal favorite Dell Storage technology).
And of course there will be loads of NDA sessions, just like you would expect from DSF!

There are a couple of very cool sessions on the grid, but I'm scared to tell you about them in case I don't have the final cut. Stay tuned – and watch I'm sure it will be posted soon.
So what do you think? Sound interesting? I know I'm pumped! 

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