ProSupport for OEM is Here

Today marks the launch of Dell’s ProSupport for OEM customers. What is ProSupport? It’s the most flexible, scalable support and service agreement available in the OEM industry today. We’re realize OEM’s and their customers have unique needs and they require different levels of support and service to meet those needs.

Benefits of Dell ProSupport for OEM include:

  • Access to Dell. We’ll help you identify and resolve issues, on your terms. You can rely on 24x7x365 phone, e-mail and chat support with certified Dell experts and you decide the speed of response based on your customer needs.
  • Extended 3-month warranty. This additional protection for your chosen warranty coverage comes at no cost to you and gives you peace of mind should there be any delays between initial product shipment and full-solution integration at your customer location.
  • Global Support.  Sell your solutions globally, with confidence, knowing that you can rely on Dell’s world-wide support infrastructure to provide consistent service levels where you need it.
  • Escalation Management for Critical Support. You have full control over setting severity levels for more efficient incident management. More importantly, Dell streamlines the escalation process with a single point of contact.
  • Collaborative Software & Hardware Support. For third-party vendor system issues, The Dell ProSupport team will collaborate with select hardware and software vendors to resolve the issue until the incident is resolved.
  • Dell Online Self Dispatch. Expert level, global tech-to-tech support is at the ready to quickly diagnose and resolve problems with you to keep resources free from repeating basic troubleshooting tasks with training and certification via its Web portal.
  • Remote Support for Dell Servers. Monitoring warranty renewals, hardware failures and asset inventories is time-consuming and costly. But, Dell’s Phone Home feature reduces resource drain and increases efficiency with our remote monitoring technology, Proactive Systems Management.

It’s never been easier to get exactly the level of support you need for a successful OEM deployment. With ProSupport for OEM, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with customizing your support level every step of the way.

When it comes to service and support, what’s most important to you?

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About the Author: Tracy Orozco