Product Alias: Tag a Product with a Custom Name (Video!)

Hello All!

Recently, I was asked to do a demonstration of the product alias feature of online support. As a result I took some time to create this <4 minute video that will show you how to use the product alias feature.

As a recap, here was the original blog which describes the features and benefits of this feature: The New Product Alias Feature Allows You to ReDefine Your Install Base

Don’t forget the guidelines and rules!

  • Only one Product Alias can be given to a product listing in your install base.
  • The Product Alias is visible to anyone who has access to view that product within your company
  • Only an Administrator or EMC Employee can modify the Product Alias (for details on becoming an administrator, please refer to Company Administration User Guide)

If there are any additional videos/demonstrations that you would like to see for online support functionality, I encourage you to add a comment below!

Ryan Amin

EMC Online Support SME

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