Proactive Support Advice for the Unified Storage Division (CLARiiON, Celerra, VNX & VNXe Products)

As I have shared in previous posts, the Customer Service team analyzes a lot of information to determine where trends are developing so we can react proactively. With the rollout of VNX in early 2011, it was evident that we needed to invest more knowledge content around the implementation and configuration of the features that the product brought to market. Today I want to highlight a few key ways we do this.


Support by Product Pages are a great source of information for product advice. Content varies from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Break Fix’ articles. The intent is to provide a portal that highlights information and solutions to the most frequent concerns of our customers and partners. Content is typically refreshed and added on a weekly basis.

Recently, additional links have been added to the site to transport users to the VNX ‘MyDocs’ utility. This tool provides the ability to create step-by-step planning, installation, and maintenance instructions tailored to a user’s storage environment and specific to a task they want to complete. Since the tool produces environment-specific content, it is a useful alternative to scanning through pages of traditional installation, maintenance and administration manuals.

Navigation to ‘MyDocs’ is initiated through certain Product Support Pages. Click ‘Customized Procedures and Documents’ on the Support by Product page.


Alternatively, users can navigate directly to:


The screenshot above shows a sample of the tasks available for setting up a new VNX solution. Each task will ask questions about the details of your storage environment. Upon completion, a customized PDF is created or located. The VNX MyDocs site then provides a link, either immediately or by email, to the customized PDF.

Ask the Expert

The EMC Community Network (ECN) has exploded with activity in the USD space over the past 9 months with the VNX and VNXe leading the charge. Beyond document sharing for important Knowledge Articles, we have seen a significant increase in community participation. This peer involvement continues to generate positive buzz within the community. The depth of knowledge shared in this area continues to impresses me.

Ask the Expert (or ATE) sessions are typically maintained in the ‘Ask the Expert’ section of ECN. At the time of this writing, USD has sponsored a two-week ATE specific to VNX Optimization. The session covers:

  • The VNX health check
  • Customer code upgrades
  • The CRU process for drives

The current session will run through August 30th. As we continue to look for ways to provide relevant EMC knowledge in this forum, I am happy to say that EMC has a list of topics that should keep conversations going strong for the balance of 2013 and beyond. I am always interested in your feedback around future topic requirements.

Ask the Expert sessions are also integrated into major EMC events and announcements. See all previous events here and follow the space to learn about upcoming sessions.

Jeff Cote

Sr. Manager, USD

Customer Service


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