Previewing EMC’s Presence at Splunk.CONF 2015

The companies that are winning in their industries and driving innovation in our world are those that find ways to extract value from data.  Splunk has emerged as the most widely-used and one of the fastest-growing platforms for extracting value from machine-generated data.  Some have called it the “easy button” for analytics…whether it’s Big Data, Fast Data, IoT, cyber-security, or sentiment analysis, Splunk has a compelling story and we (at EMC) like it. The industry also seems to like it, and customers are voting in approval with their dollars.

Slunk Ninja

Splunk customers must be careful to build infrastructures to support Splunk that can scale effectively to meet these needs while meeting enterprise IT standards and Splunk best practices in a modern data center.

To help customers deal with this cycle, EMC will be presenting at this year’s annual Splunk user conference, .CONF with a session titled “Splunk…so Big and Flashy – Building Massive and Efficient Indexer Storage Environments for Splunk.”

During this session, EMC will explore the value of the emergence of scale-out, all-flash storage appliances with inline deduplication and massively scaled-out clustered file system appliances when used for the Indexer storage. EMC will also discuss how storage-based services for data deduplication, data protection, compliant retention, and encryption can solve enterprise IT challenges while making Splunk performance absolutely scream! As a bonus for current EMC customers, we’re also introducing EMC Apps on Splunkbase for monitoring EMC data storage appliances. These free apps provide powerful dashboards and reports to monitor the health and performance of EMC storage environment via the Splunk Enterprise console.

Be sure to check out the session on Wednesday, September 23rd at 12:15 pm and then be sure to stop by the EMC booth in the Partner Pavilion.  EMC will be showcasing demos of our EMC Apps on Splunkbase: XtremIO, Isilon and sneak previewing our new VCE Vision App (this new app is just the start of exciting new things to come from the Splunk/EMC partnership).

We will have more than 20 engineers at .CONF ready to answer your questions and do a little learning themselves.

See you Ninjas in Vegas!

About the Author: Cory Minton